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mkCDrec (Make CD-ROM Recovery) makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image, including backups of the Linux system to one or more CD-ROM(s) (multi-volume sets). Otherwise, the backups can be stored on another disk, NFS/CIFS disk, or (remote) tape. After a disk crash or system intrusion, the system can be booted from the CD-ROM and one can restore the complete system as it was. It also features disk cloning, which allows one to restore a disk to another disk (the destination disk does not have to be of the same size, as it calculates the partition layout itself). Currently, ext2, ext3, minix, MS-DOS, FAT, VFAT, Reiserfs, XFS, and JFS filesystems are supported. It can restore disks in Software RAID and LVM mode. It supports the One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) mode, which simulates a bootable CD-ROM on tape.


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2006-02-12 22:12

此版本已经过测试,在SuSE 10.x中和Mandriva 2006年发行。 BusyBox的已经更新到1.1.0。为LVM2的几个错误修正和udev的应用。
标签: Minor bugfixes
This release has been tested on SuSE 10.x and Mandriva 2006 distributions. BusyBox has been updated to 1.1.0. Several bugfixes for LVM2 and uDev were applied.

2005-11-23 00:45

标签: Minor bugfixes
This release has a lot of minor bugfixes, and introduces the mkcdrec wrapper script with an updated man page.

2005-09-12 02:12

在Fedora Core 4的分销支持增加了,并在SPARC / Linux的代码已经完全更新。此版本使用新的BusyBox的1.01代码,许多严重的安全漏洞是固定的。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Support for the Fedora Core 4 distribution has been added, and the SPARC/Linux code has been completely updated. This release uses the new BusyBox 1.01 code, and many critical bugs were fixed.

2005-05-29 17:31

mkCDrec现在默认使用isolinux从CD - ROM启动,而不是使用syslinux的bootfloppy仿真。 LVM2的和mdadm的(软件的RAID)现在完全支持。 Perl脚本正在接受mkCDrec,所以ADD_PERL变量应设置为true。
标签: Minor bugfixes
mkCDrec now uses isolinux by default to boot from
CD-ROM instead of using syslinux bootfloppy
emulation. LVM2 and mdadm (for Software RAID) is
now fully supported. Perl scripts are now accepted
by mkCDrec, so the ADD_PERL variable should be set
to true in

2005-03-28 15:16

一些小的错误是固定的。检测的引导程序代码已经被改写。两个新的剧本被添加到的捐款目录:联动Ts - restore.sh和DP - restore.sh使用同一个Tivoli存储管理系统或服务器上存储的数据保护外部备份组合mkCDrec。恢复功能的大量转移出了脚本,并在共同图书馆现在以提高代码维护。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
Some minor bugs were fixed. The bootloader
detection code has been rewritten. Two new scripts
were added to the contributions directory: and for using mkCDrec
in combination with external backups stored on a
Tivoli Storage Manager system or Data Protector
server. A lot of restore functions were moved out
of the scripts and are now in the common libraries
to improve code maintenance.

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