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MoSShE (MOnitoring in Simple SHell Environment) is a simple,
lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring
package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring of a handful of
typical/critical Internet systems. It supports email alerts and SLA
monitoring out of the box, and whatever you can script. The system is
programmed in plain (Bourne) SH, and made to be compatible with BASH and
Busybox so it can easily be deployed on embedded systems. Monitoring
is designed to be distributed over multiple systems, usually running
locally. As no parameters are accepted from the outside, checks cannot
be tampered or misused from outside. The system is designed to allow
decentralized checks and evaluation as well as classical agent-based
checks with centralized data accumulation. Agent data is transferred via
HTTP, so available Web servers can be co-used for agent data transfer.
Each agent creates simple (static) HTML pages with full and condensed
status reports on each system, allowing simple local checks.


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2011-06-30 01:05

错误被固定在SAMBAcheck消除CRON喋喋不休和正确的服务器名称。锁定信息和内部记录进行了改进,以找到锁定。中的一个例子mosshe脚本印刷错误是固定的,它延长。在ImportAgents一个印刷错误是固定的。一个通用的硬件传感器检查上架(HardwareTemp和HardwareFan将被废弃)。 IPv6的坪人说:Ping​​6Partner,Ping6Loss,Ping6Time。平均绘图/绘图增加了。
标签: bugfix Feature-Update
Bugs were fixed in SAMBAcheck to remove CRON chatter and to correct server name. Lock message and internal logging were improved to find lockups. A typographical error in the example mosshe script was fixed and it was extended. A typographical error in ImportAgents was fixed. A generic hardware sensor check was added (HardwareTemp and HardwareFan will be deprecated). IPv6 pings were added: Ping6Partner, Ping6Loss, Ping6Time. Average graphing/plotting were added.

2011-05-11 17:26

自动重新载入或刷新(每5分钟),增加了模板。 SwapCheck(每秒页掉期)增加了。 ImportAgentWget增加了。在functions.network的数控加工参数进行修正或补充。错误是固定SSHcheck,HardwareTemp,ImportAgent(linewrap)SyslogOnChange,(未组变化),和表模板头。
标签: bugfix Feature-Update
Automatic reloading or refreshing (every 5 minutes) was added to the template. SwapCheck (page swaps per second) was added. ImportAgentWget was added. The NC parameters in were corrected or added. Bugs were fixed for SSHcheck, HardwareTemp, ImportAgent (linewrap), SyslogOnChange (missed group change), and table header in template.

2011-02-24 00:42

标签: Feature-Update
This is a feature update. Round-robin data can be created for each check. Simple graphs can be made using gnuplot.

2010-12-20 09:52

标签: feature update, bugfix
This release removes an unneccessary ping from ReapPassiveChecks. It adds a FileTooOld check and a FileTooBig check.

2010-12-18 16:19

标签: bugfix, Feature-Update
Function name typos in the SSHcheck function definition and the MoSSHe main script were fixed. Experimental ReapPassiveChecks were added for incoming/passive monitoring.

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