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MTX is a set of programs for controlling tape
drives and the robotic mechanism of autoloaders
and tape libraries.


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2008-09-01 01:44

此版本修正了当单位注意有待启动时甲氨喋呤。这可能会发生的大门是在一些图书馆或SCSI总线开放复位。消除这一变化的要求重新运行甲氨喋呤命令。 Debian的包装支持已添加。不支持的项目nsmhack不再被默认内置也不是在任何包含二进制包。它仍然包含在源焦油及可建手动使用“让nsmhack”。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
This release fixes a problem when UNIT ATTENTION
is pending when mtx is started. This can occur if
the door is opened on some libraries or the SCSI
bus is reset. The change eliminates the
requirement to rerun the mtx command. Debian
packaging support has been added. The unsupported
program nsmhack is no longer built by default nor
is included in any of the binary packages. It is
still included in the source tar and can be built
manually using "make nsmhack".

2007-03-25 10:45

标签: Minor feature enhancements, Development
This release adds the scsieject utility. This
utility is used to perform the SCSI operations
start, stop, load, unload, lock, and unlock. It is
primarily used with a data transfer device after
loading media or before unloading media.
Loaderinfo has been enhanced to provide more
information. The mtx command previous has been
implemented and the last command has been fixed.

2007-02-02 10:35

此版本增加了对微软Windows和Linux的AMD64平台的支持。支持索尼的Via VGP - XL1B换媒体还增加了。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Development
This release adds support for the Microsoft
Windows and Linux AMD64 platforms. Support for the
Sony Vaio VGP-XL1B Media Changer has also been

2006-02-21 01:10

标签: Minor feature enhancements, Development
This release changes to using the SG_IO ioctl on Linux rather than the write/read SG interface, adds a test for SG version to make sure that the version of the SG driver it's running against is what it was compiled to handle, and has some code cleanups. The main mtx tool (as compared to other programs in the tarball) should be fairly stable, but please test carefully before rolling this version into production.

2003-10-03 09:03

标签: Code cleanup, Development
This release fixes a few problems and ports to AIX.

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