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nss-pam-ldapd is a Name Service Switch module and Pluggable Authentication Module using an LDAP server. It allows your LDAP server to provide user account, group, host name, alias, netgroup, and almost any other information that you would normally get from /etc flat files or NIS, and allows you to do authentication to an LDAP server.


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2012-12-15 07:37

此更新为 0.7 系列修复与文件描述符处理相关的两个问题。
标签: oldstable
This update for the 0.7 series fixes two issues related to file descriptor handling.

2012-11-19 13:06

此版本修复以下问题: 在 FreeBSD 上、 修复一个问题与 sasl_canonicalize 选项,和有为 Solaris 的改进。有了几个其他较小的改善。
标签: Stable
This release fixes a problem on FreeBSD, fixes a problem with the sasl_canonicalize option, and has improvements for Solaris. A few other smaller improvements have been made.

2012-10-15 12:15

此版本修复了几个 bug、 介绍的 pam_password_prohibit_message 和 sasl_canonicalize 选项、 加载 nslcd 用户补充群体,和在有大量打开的文件描述符的进程中能够正常运行。
标签: Stable
This release fixes a few bugs, introduces the pam_password_prohibit_message and sasl_canonicalize options, loads the nslcd user's supplementary groups, and runs correctly in processes that have a high number of file descriptors open.

2012-06-30 06:07

此版本标记 0.8 系列作为稳定并包括大量的文档改善、 修复错误和其他几个较小的更改。
标签: Stable
This release marks the 0.8 series as stable and includes a number of documentation improvements, a bugfix, and a few other smaller changes.

2012-05-21 05:53

此版本包括了一些兼容性改进 (大多为 FreeBSD),一些工作 pynslcd 执行情况,并额外范围检查 LDAP 中的数字值。它支持多个 pam_authz_search 选项。
标签: Development
This release includes a number of compatibility improvements (mostly for FreeBSD), some work on the pynslcd implementation, and extra range checking for numeric values from LDAP. It supports multiple pam_authz_search options.

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