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OpenDocMan is a full featured Web-based document management system (DMS) designed to conform to ISO 17025/IEC. It features an automated installation script, custom themes, plugins, check-in/out, departmental access control, file moderation, fine grained user access control, and a great search function. Written in PHP, and utilizing MySQL for the backend, this project is useful for any company looking to keep their documentation in a centralized repository.


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2012-12-13 07:49

This release introduces a small security fix, and a bugfix for the forgot password service. This release does not contain database changes.

2012-12-11 08:00

这是修补程序的解析与签入/签出的几个安全问题并修复 bug,在 toBePublished.php,当试图拒绝文件时将产生错误消息。没有数据库更新。
This is a hotfix that resolves a few security issues with check-in/check-out and fixes a bug in toBePublished.php, which would produce an error message when trying to reject a file. There are no database updates.

2010-04-30 06:45

This release fixes a large number of new bugs. There are no database updates.

2010-02-16 06:02

This release fixes an issue with debug info in edit.php. There are no database changes.

2010-02-08 18:41

向未定义函数sanitize_system_string()的调用在/ var /是固定的。这是导致后增加一个新文件的错误。小的改动了几个文件。没有数据库的变化了。
A call to the undefined function sanitize_system_string() in /var/ was fixed. This was causing an error upon adding a new file. Minor changes were made to a few files. No database changes were made.

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