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OpenEcoSys-NetworkViewer is a cross-platform Qt4 GUI used to interact with distributed embedded nodes on the network. The modular interface supports multiple transmission media and protocols. Real-time graphical visualization of remote variables hosted on embedded devices is made possible by a software stack called NETVProtocolStack and Arduino compatible boards and Microchip PIC (8,16, 32 bits) micro-controllers are supported. Logging facilities and JavaScript scripting are also available through a plug-in mechanism to interact with the remote variables. A plug-in mechanism is also available to implement new protocols and support new communication hardware.


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2011-09-20 06:15

这个版本增加了一个新的dsPIC引导加载器插件。它修复了Linux的串行接口的波特率。它同时支持的接口和配置GUI。 GUI组件和核心功能较好的分离,使控制台模式NetworkViewer在未来的版本。
标签: future console mode, Linux baud rate, dsPIC bootloader, Multiple Simultaneous Interfaces
This release adds a new dsPIC bootloader plugin. It fixes the Linux baud rate for serial interfaces. It supports simultaneous interfaces and configuration GUI. Better separation of the GUI components and the core functionality, enabling console mode NetworkViewer in a future version.

2011-07-12 06:07

标签: Script Engine, Javascript Syntax Coloring, Arduino Support, Serial Communication
This release adds a serial communication delay to make sure Arduino compatible boards exit the bootloader before it initiates the communication. It adds syntax coloring for Javascript in the ScriptEngine.

2011-06-20 22:40

这是最初的freshmeat释放。 Arduino的串行通信是现在支持和例子增加了。稳定性问题,范围性能和分布式变量的相互作用是固定的。同时,wiki文件已更新。代码进行了测试,CAN总线和串行通信。
This is the initial freshmeat release. Arduino serial communication is now supported and examples were added. Stability issues, scope performance, and distributed variable interaction were fixed. The wiki documentation was updated. The code was tested with CAN bus and serial communication.

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