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OpenEMM is a Web-based enterprise application for email marketing, marketing automation, email newsletter, and service email (like transaction email and event and time triggered email). It offers many features for professional users, among them: a great user interface, automatic bounce management, opening and link tracking, a lot of graphical real-time statistics, a content management system, a multi-queue mail backend for maximum sending performance, a plugin interface to easily extend the core functionality, and a scripting feature to enhance the functionality of OpenEMM with triggerable customized actions.


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2013-01-30 07:04

这是最大释放尚未: 它提供了许多新和有价值的功能,如新扩展插件,默认操作为邮件开头和链接点击、 上下文相关的联机帮助、 用户定义的列的收件人列表中的体系结构,一个新的 Web 服务 42 方法调用的 API、 多 mailqueue 后端,以提高邮件输出,和许多其他功能增强和改进。
This is the biggest release yet: it offers many new and valuable features like a new extension architecture for plugins, default actions for mail opening and link clicks, context-sensitive online help, user-defined columns for the recipient list, a new Web service API with 42 method calls, a multi-mailqueue backend to boost mail output, and many other enhancements and improvements.

2011-07-15 18:58

标签: Major feature enhancements
This version provides a new user interface to improve usability and a long list of new features like various improvements for the CMS module and to the import wizard, dynamic templates, a tag validator, a link checker, and the user activity log.

2010-12-16 00:05

标签: Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
This release lets you throttle the speed of mailing delivery, offers an unlimited size for attachments, allows the global setting of follow-up actions for link clicks, and provides some performance improvements (CMS and database). And all known bugs were fixed in this release.

2010-06-14 21:03

此版本来了,有轻微的GUI rebrush,一个导入向导更新改进了删除目标群体的处理,以及各种错误修复。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This version comes with a slight GUI rebrush, an update of the import wizard, improved handling of deleted target groups, and various bug fixes.

2009-12-25 06:28

标签: Minor bugfixes
This is mainly a bugfix release.

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