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Portable OpenSSH is a Unix/Linux port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH, a full implementation of the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. It includes sftp client and server support.


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2011-09-06 16:15

此版本补充实验沙盒,在预认证阶段和SHA2基于HMAC的模式,为SSH传输的面向网络的代码。 sshd的特权分离过程,现在发送日志,通过管道,消除了需要的/ var /空的/ dev /日志。有更多的错误修正和变化。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
This release added experimental sandboxing of network-facing code during the pre-authentication phase and SHA2-based HMAC modes for the SSH transport. sshd now sends logs from the privilege-separated process via a pipe, eliminating the need for /var/empty/dev/log. There were many more bugfixes and changes.

2011-01-24 12:43

的ECC kex交流和公共密钥认证,SFTP和硬链接的支持支持,改进服务质量/ DSCP的支持,带宽用于SFTP限制,等等。
ECC support for kex exchange and public key authentication, SFTP hard link support, improved QoS/DSCP support, bandwidth limiting for SFTP, and more.

2010-03-08 21:30

这是一项重大的功能和修正错误的释放。主要变化包括默认情况下禁用SSH协议1,取消原有OpenSC / libsectok智能卡的支持,另外的PKCS#11的支持下,一个新的证书的用户和主机,修改会议复用代码验证方法的推出,许多改进SFTP发布的谷歌2009年夏季号,和很多bug修正。
标签: Major bugfix
This is a major feature and bugfix release. Major changes include disabling SSH protocol 1 by default, removal of legacy OpenSC/libsectok smartcard support, addition of PKCS#11 support, introduction of a new certificate authentication method for users and hosts, revised session multiplexing code, many improvements to sftp from the Google Summer of Code 2009, and lots of bugfixes.

2008-07-22 16:37

标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements
Many bugs were fixed. Performance and features
were improved.

2008-03-31 07:28

执行的的〜/ .ssh /遥控是为下一个命令已被sshd_config中ForceCommand指令(不安全的默认行为)。支持的sshd的chroot届残疾人被迫加入。内部SFTP发布服务器支持加入sshd的,允许的chroot操作时没有支持文件。 “禁止用户量表”选项被添加到〜/ .ssh / authorized_keys中禁用处决的〜/ .ssh /区局公钥认证。 SFTP协议的一个延伸,“”,被添加到提供POSIX语义重命名操作。
标签: Stable, Minor security fixes
Execution of ~/.ssh/rc was disabled for sessions
where a command has been forced by the sshd_config
ForceCommand directive (unsafe default behavior).
Chroot support for sshd was added. Internal
sftp-server support was added to sshd, to allow
chroot operation without support files. A
"no-user-rc" option was added to
~/.ssh/authorized_keys to disable execution of
~/.ssh/rc in public key authentication. An sftp
protocol extension, "",
was added to provide a rename operation with POSIX

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