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OpenWebMail is a full-featured Webmail, address book, calendar, and Webdisk system that is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a quick and memory efficient way.


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2008-01-25 14:12

此版本修正了报告xss(跨站点脚本)漏洞。在OpenWebMail的语言和字符集现在已经标准化了ISO - 3066。 UTF - 8字符集,现在的系统安装过程中生成的,几乎所有的语言。时区现在可以支持从系统zoneinfo目录文件。现在产生的更新日志从SVN。
标签: Stable, Minor security fixes
This release fixes several reported XSS
(cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities. Languages
and character sets in OpenWebMail have now been
standardized on ISO-3066. UTF-8 character sets are
now generated during system setup for almost all
languages. Timezones can now be supported from the
system zoneinfo file. Changelogs are now generated
from SVN.

2006-05-03 13:24

标签: Stable, Minor security fixes
A number of security vulnerabilities have been
addressed in this release. Addressbook quick
selection is now available. Using either SentDate
and Received Date as a message timestamp is
supported. Message indexing speed was doubled. A
silent title bar "unread message count"
notification was implemented.

2005-02-28 13:20

此版本的功能大大改善了多个字符集的支持,在阅读邮件附件的支持删除,文件修改权限在网络磁盘的支持,显示了自己的字符集,多个全球通讯簿支持一个消息,并在文件的URL上传的支持。它还修正了由于管道的儿童意外流产过程中死亡的问题,因为处理不当断开连接POP3服务器不适当DEFAULT_ *选项分析,以及与全球地址,因为运行超过转换书腐败问题严重的内存使用情况一次。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
This release features greatly improved multiple charset
support, attachment deletion support in reading messages,
file permission modification support in Webdisk, displaying a
message with its own charset, multiple global address book
support, and URL support in file uploading. It also fixes a
problem with unexpected process death because of an
aborted piped child, huge memory usage because of
improperly handling of a disconnected POP3 server,
improperly parsing of DEFAULT_* options, and problems with
global address book corruption because of running
conversion for more than once.

2005-01-06 03:58

标签: Stable
This release has a new vCard compliant addressbook, charset support in calendar, speed improvements in the mail filter, and per-user spamassassin configuratin file editing support. It also fixes the following problems: the Perl $1 taintness bug in some version of Perl, the problem that some pam modules doen't check the old passwd before changing the passwd, the "application bug: perl5.8.3 has SIGCHLD set to SIG_IGN but calls wait()..." warning in the system log on Linux systems, and the "recursive call...,out of memory!" error in the httpd error log.

2004-09-27 02:28

此版本有以下变化:一个新选项enable_globalfilter,一learnspam图标,更好地为非官方字符集的支持。它还修正了太多的僵死进程使用Perl 5.8.4或更高版本的问题,不正确的大小和文件夹的邮件数的摘要某些情况下,不适当地解析默认选项在配置文件,不正确的导入/导出地址簿例程没有逗号或处理多行字段。
标签: Stable, Major bugfixes
This release has the following changes: a new option enable_globalfilter, a learnspam icon, and better support for unofficial charsets. It also fixes the too many zombie processes problem with Perl 5.8.4 or later, the incorrect size and message count summary of folders in some cases, the improperly parsed DEFAULT options in the config file, and the incorrect import/export address book routines that didn't handle fields with comma or multiple lines.

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