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OPT (Outreach Project Tool) is a PHP general-purpose virtual commonplace for customers and developers to collaborate in developing projects. The system provides documents archive, e-mail archive, request tracker, task management, knowledge base, news administration, newsletter support, and a lot of other features (some project-based, some system-based).


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2003-05-13 20:06

标签: Max, Initial freshmeat announcement
This is an independent branch featuring a large number of enhancements, including an enhanced permissions system, much more flexibility in the requests section, a few extra filtering options in the tasks section, and better calendar management.

2002-08-30 22:21
0.948 beta

标签: Stable, Major security fixes
This version fixes quite a few bugs and implements a number of security features. In order to upgrade to this version, you must first download the full 0.946 version and upgrade incrementally to 0.948.

2002-07-15 09:15
0.946 beta

标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
This version should be more stable and present less bugs than the previous full release.

2002-04-23 08:55

标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements
Fixed some minor bugs, added the meeting module, added direct URL support, implemented forums, added a couple of task-related features, and made many other minor updates.

2002-02-24 10:52
0.93 beta

标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements
New subtasks and document directories, an enhanced email mechanism, a refined Upgrade Manager, a couple of extra security features and user properties which slightly improve the permissions system, and plugin support.

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