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PAC provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet connections, including usernames, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, and macros. It is similar in function to SecureCRT or Putty. It is intended for people who connect to many servers through SSH. It can automate logins and command executions.


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2012-01-26 21:27

此版本添加了一个选项要使用密码保护政府帐目委员会在启动时和 (可选) 从纸盒还原时。检查是为了确保用户不小心启动多个连接同时添加通过拖放操作组。被固定了一个 bug,阻止 <Ctrl><Shift><v>正确粘贴文本 (它追加"^ M"在结束了)。与包含非字母数字字符和 RDP 连接密码的 bug 修复。<Ctrl><Left/right> 选项卡之间更改键盘快捷方式已删除作为它与 SSH 功能相冲突。四个 Gnome2::Vte 库被去除了。
标签: GUI improvement, bug fix and enhancement
This release added an option to password-protect PAC at startup and when restoring from tray (optionally). A check was added to ensure that the user does not accidentally start many connections at once by drag and dropping groups. A bug that prevented <Ctrl><Shift><v> from correctly pasting text was fixed (it appended "^M" at the end). A bug with passwords containing non-alphanumeric characters and RDP connections was fixed. The <Ctrl><left/right> keyboard shortcut for changing between tabs was removed as it conflicted with SSH functionality. The four Gnome2::Vte libraries were removed.

2012-01-12 07:03

此版本添加了一个选项在"首选项",检查有新的 PAC 版本 (单击某个按钮) 的需求在下。它将添加 <Ctrl><left/right> 标签之间进行切换。它修复了一个 bug,阻止政府帐目委员会进入 '#' (哈希) 开始在 RDP (rdesktop) 连接的密码。它修复无法保存已转发的连接的端口,SSH 在某些情况下的一个小错误。
标签: bug fix and enhancement
This release adds an option under "Preferences" to check for new PAC versions on demand (clicking a button). It adds <Ctrl><left/right> to switch between TABs. It fixes a bug that prevented PAC from entering '#' (hash) starting passwords in RDP (rdesktop) connections. It fixes a minor bug that prevented saving the forwarded port for SSH connections under some circumstances.

2011-11-17 05:58

此版本添加了数据,显示了连接,它连接的最后一次的次数等,添加"本地壳"选项为"新的连接",右键单击子菜单,使到该字符串出现在的启动停止任何执行 (对于较短/较清洁的字符串) 的一个小的修改,修复了一个 bug,在一些很奇怪的情况下可以使政府帐目委员会转到 100 %cpu 使用率,修复 bug 与鼠标中键单击如果哪个防止的粘贴所选内容在外面政府帐目委员会的终端,并使小图标更改和超小的代码更改。
标签: GUI improvements, bug fix and enhancement, Code cleanup
This release adds statistics to show the number of times a connection has been made, the last time it was connected, etc., adds a "Local Shell" option for the "New connection" right-click submenus, makes a little modification to the string appearing at the start/stop of any execution (for a shorter/cleaner string), fixes a bug which, under some weird circumstances, could make PAC go to 100% CPU usage, fixes a bug which prevented pasting with mouse-middle-click if the selection was outside PAC's terminals, and makes minor icon changes and ultra-minor code changes.

2011-11-08 06:39

此版本添加了一个选项用于将击键发送速度慢 (每个 X 配置毫秒),修复了一个 bug,阻止"当地壳"正在启动和修复 bug,防止从正在从任务栏图标展开一个新的连接。
标签: bug fix and enhancement
This release adds an option to send keystrokes slowly (every X-configured milliseconds), fixes a bug which prevented a "Local Shell" from being started, and fixes a bug which prevented a new connection from being launched from the Tray Icon.

2011-11-03 16:40

为了使用 Gtk2::UIManager 和 Gtk2::ActionGroup 的代码和未来一体化的 (弹出) 菜单作了很大的变化。Ctrl-D 的快捷方式提供了用于克隆的连接。"重命名连接"GUI 现在允许您在同一时间更改名称和标签/窗口标题。作出一些连接失败如果标题字符串不是纯英文的 bug 修复。之前固定的"可用连接"节点允许插入连接/群体的一个 bug。在"可用连接"行不再可以通过按"F2"被重命名。
标签: GUI improvements, Code cleanup, bug fix and enhancement
Big changes were made to the code in order to use Gtk2::UIManager and Gtk2::ActionGroup and for future integration of (popup) menus. A Ctrl-D shortcut was providing for cloning connections. The "Rename connection" GUI now allows you to change both NAME and TAB/Window TITLE at the same time. A bug that made some connections fail if the TITLE string was not in plain English was fixed. A bug that allowed insertion of connections/groups before the "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" node was fixed. The "AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS" row can no longer be renamed by pressing "F2".

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