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CD-R/W discs can be written with a technique called packet or incremental writing. This allows transparent and buffer-underrun-free recording for CD recorders that support this method. No more mastering of .iso images; just mount your CD-ROM read/write and copy files directly to it.


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2001-05-09 21:47

标签: Minor bugfixes
Fixes for some buggy logic to abort nicely where possible, buffer_head reference bugfixes, /proc layout changes to per-write file, setting quiet bit on write cache disabling (some drives don't support it), a new recovery mode, and starting bad block remapping (always piggy buffers to maintain b_end_io consistency).

2001-04-28 20:18

此版本修正了pkt_put_buffer编译错误,模块化CDROM的和内建包,与SCSI_DEBUG_QUEUES问题,并与参赛的问题,帮助连接错误。它结合了2.4.4最后,删除节流代码,正确地杀死在我的请求/ O错误,不为失败BH_Uptodate明确写入。
标签: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes a pkt_put_buffer compile error, a linking error on
modular CDROMs and builtin packets, a problem with SCSI_DEBUG_QUEUES,
and problems with the help entries. It merges 2.4.4 final, removes
throttling code, correctly kills requests on I/O errors, and doesn't
clear BH_Uptodate for failed writes.

2001-04-28 10:09

标签: Major bugfixes
Default speed moved from 8 to 16 speed. Various bugfixes.

2001-01-30 15:13

Fixes for the data corruption issue that plagued release 'b' and 'c' and a whole heap of other bugs.

2001-01-30 15:13

的SCSI的CD - RW的作品了。在io_request_lock错别字是固定的。 pkt_sem现在抓起,方可引用pkt_handle_queue。现在使用的SCSI没得,以反映钯“没得。的SCSI高级调试消息被拆除。空块查询被激活(当然它也需要CVS的UDF中,CDRW科)。
SCSI CD-RW works again. Typos in io_request_lock were fixed. pkt_sem is now grabbed before invoking pkt_handle_queue. SCSI now uses queuedata to mirror pd->queuedata. SCSI sr debug messages were removed. Empty block querying was activated (though it requires CVS UDF, CDRW branch).

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