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Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) is a framework and set of services for supporting system-level performance monitoring and performance management. It provides a unifying abstraction for all of the interesting performance data in a system, and allows client applications to easily retrieve and process any subset of that data using a single API. A client-server architecture allows multiple clients to monitor the same host, and a single client to monitor multiple hosts. Archive logging and replay are integrated so that a client application can use the same API to process real-time data from a host or historical data from an archive.


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2003-04-02 08:19

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release features many new metrics (e.g. to support libgtop) and bugfixes.

2001-12-11 11:19

标签: Minor bugfixes
This release features numerous bugfixes, new metrics, and PMDA agents.

2001-06-21 10:59

标签: Major security fixes

2001-05-31 09:51

标签: Major bugfixes
This release includes five new PCP agents and
associated runtime libraries, many new metrics,
numerous important build and bugfixes
(particularly for IA64), and a large number of
small changes as the IRIX and OpenSource trees
were merged and reconciled.

2001-01-30 15:13

调整容忍SuSE的神奇的文件的位置(不同Redhat的),以及在SuSE chkconfig的,所有__clone迁移到pthreads的使用,以改善可移植性(特别是IA64),请为RAID磁盘的统计信息和devfs的风格SCSI磁盘的名字缺乏支持,新的XFS的提取指标/进程内/财政司司长/的xfs /统计,NFS的(第3版)指标,并利用壁在CFLAGS。
Adjustments to tolerate SuSE's location of magic file (different than Redhat's) and the lack of chkconfig on SuSE, migration of all __clone use to pthreads to improve portability (especially to IA64), support for RAID disk stats and devfs-style SCSI disk names, new XFS metrics extracted from /proc/fs/xfs/stat, NFS (version 3) metrics, and use of -Wall in CFLAGS.

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