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phpBB Fetch All is a plugin for phpBB that
displays data from the forum on any page of a Web


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2005-08-23 19:14

标签: Minor bugfixes

2004-09-21 20:57

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This version introduces a new addon that can interface the phpbb_pafiledb mod. Two annoying bugs have been fixed and a new function has been added to improve the poll displaying.

2004-09-04 20:54

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This is small feature enhancement release which
makes some improvements to the functions in
users.php and introduces a new function,
phpbb_increase_topic_counter(), to simulate the
increase of the topic view counter.

2004-08-02 14:28

该版本修改门户网站的例子,使用户的语言选择使用。一个editor.php后,这是第一次更新的phpBB 2.0.9/2.0.10出现错误是固定的。一些防止SQL注入代码也被加入。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release introduces a modified portal example
which makes use of the user language options. A
bug in editor.php which was first seen after the
phpBB 2.0.9/2.0.10 update was fixed. Some SQL
injection prevention code was also added.

2004-07-28 10:39

标签: Minor bugfixes
This release fixed some typos and bugs and included VUApache in the package. You can now exclude forums from being fetched. All users are urged to upgrade.

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