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PHP Content Management System (phpCMS) makes it possible to need only one template for your whole Web site. It allows you to provide dynamic menus with unlimited levels, and use templates and sub-templates without a database. It is search engine-friendly and proxy-friendly, as the pages it generates can not be distinguished from static HTML pages. PHP code can be added to any template and content file with an optional module. It supports the caching of parsed pages and gzip compression.


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2007-04-11 18:12

标签: Major security fixes
A major security hole involving remote execution
was resolved. A backup interface was added in the
online editor. New template tags were added. Other
minor bugs were fixee.

2005-05-31 22:36

标签: Major security fixes
This version fixes an include vulnerability. An update is strongly recommended.

2004-11-26 01:33

标签: Minor security fixes
This release fixes a cross-site scripting bug discovered in the previous
version. It is only exploitable in non-stealth mode with debug mode

2004-11-22 19:55

这个版本有新的德语和英语演示。项目分隔符'。之间的'现在是支持目录和菜单。有在文件菜单和标签,标识配置新phpCMS分隔符,许多(非安全相关的)错误修正。 HTTPS和FTP链接也工作在非隐身模式。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release has new German and English demos. An item delimiter '.BETWEEN' is now supported in TOC and MENU. There are configurable delimiters in menu and tag files, new phpCMS logos, and many (non-security-related) bugfixes. HTTPS and FTP links also work in non-stealth mode.

2004-08-16 12:19

此版本修正了一些与gzip压缩内容的长度问题,编码的文件,提高了服务器的操作系统和路径的自动检测,在网上编辑模式mail2crypt工作,固定缓存一些小问题,一些外部脚本固定不兼容(例如NewsWriter )发<phpcms:noindex>和<phpcms:nofollow>工作如果开始和结束标记是不在同一子模板,并提出了所见即所得的在线编辑器的某些准备。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This release fixed some problems with content length
in gzip-encoded files, improved automatic detection of
the server OS and paths, made mail2crypt work in
the online editor mode, fixed some minor problems
with caching, fixed incompatibilities with some
external scripts (eg. NewsWriter), made
&lt;phpcms:noindex&gt; and &lt;phpcms:nofollow&gt;
work if the start- and end-tag are not in the same
subtemplate, and made some preparations for a
WYSIWYG online editor.

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