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Portofino is a system that makes it possible to create a Web application from an existing database in 30 seconds. Connect to the database, configure your preferences, and enjoy your new application.


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2012-12-04 08:06

此版本侧重于维护和加强现有的功能,尤其是文本页 (CMS) 和向导,以及错误修正。
标签: Stable
This release is focused on maintainance and strengthening of existing features, especially text pages (CMS) and the wizard, as well as bugfixes.

2012-10-02 05:36

此版本添加了"表"管理页面,以方便用户的方式编辑的表、 列和关系有关的信息。它还包含各种改进和错误修正,特别是为持久性和 CRUD 页。
标签: Stable
This release adds a "tables" administration page to edit information about tables, columns, and relationships in a user-friendly way. It also contains various improvements and bugfixes, especially for persistence and CRUD pages.

2012-08-23 05:51

这是柏涛菲诺 4 预览版本。
标签: Preview
This is a preview release of Portofino 4.

2011-03-23 00:42

此版本增加的可能性,停用波托菲诺缓存。 JasperReports的整合与得到改善,一些环境参数自动传递报道。有在显示搜索结果和缓存管理的改进。修正了几个错误,特别是在一滴处理。
标签: Stable
This release adds the possibility to deactivate Portofino cache. Integration with JasperReports was improved, automatically passing several environment parameters to reports. There are improvements in displaying search results and in cache management. Several bugs were fixed, especially in blob handling.

2010-03-25 20:42

该版本通过Apache Struts的二,一为安装和升级,新用户的管理模式,自注册,加密的密码,密码恢复自动程序,可靠的电子邮件发送的排队和充分MVC的分离。阿新的UI组件库正式成立(ManyDesigns片)。前一个数据模型的简化介绍。
标签: Stable
This release introduces full MVC separation through Apache Struts 2, an automatic procedure for installation and upgrade, a new user management model, self registration, encrypted passwords, password recovery, and reliable email queuing and sending. A new library of UI components was incorporated (ManyDesigns Elements). A simplification of the previous Data Model was introduced.

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