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Portofino is a system that makes it possible to create a Web application from an existing database in 30 seconds. Connect to the database, configure your preferences, and enjoy your new application.


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该版本通过Apache Struts的二,一为安装和升级,新用户的管理模式,自注册,加密的密码,密码恢复自动程序,可靠的电子邮件发送的排队和充分MVC的分离。阿新的UI组件库正式成立(ManyDesigns片)。前一个数据模型的简化介绍。
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This release introduces full MVC separation through Apache Struts 2, an automatic procedure for installation and upgrade, a new user management model, self registration, encrypted passwords, password recovery, and reliable email queuing and sending. A new library of UI components was incorporated (ManyDesigns Elements). A simplification of the previous Data Model was introduced.

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