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amun is a social content managment system written in based on the psx framework. The code is written in clean PHP 5 OOP, and the backend is based on ExtJS. amun is a "social" content managment system because its also an OpenSocial API container, and has other social technologies implemented like OAuth and OpenID. amun has an extensive plugin system with which you can add a lot of functionality to your Website (news, forums, etc.) so you can build a Website that has a corporate design. It produces great markup so that you can read a Website in a screen reader without Javascript or CSS. amun also helps to bootstrap social technologies by acting as a reference. You can see how you could implement an opensocial container, OAuth service provider, or OpenID consumer in a PHP Web application.


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2010-05-18 07:12

标签: Beta
This version includes changes to the application design and many bugfixes and overall improvements. The underlying psx framework was updated and the backend library was rewritten. The CMS was renamed from "psx cms" to "amun". The plugin system was extended and the gadget rendering was improved.

2010-04-01 01:14

标签: Beta
Search (based on Google Web search service) and gallery plugins were added. The default template was redesigned, and new template models (3 column bottom, 2 column left) were added. The gadget system was extended, so you can now set userprefs in the backend. Several bugs were fixed.

2010-03-03 05:34

本机登录OpenID的支持增加了。 psx厘米现在是一个OpenSocial的API服务器,并使用OAuth保护的API。阿原友谊的功能,使用户之间的关系可以创造增加了。用户配置文件已得到修复,由用户编辑。一些不必要的插件被拆除,许多错误是固定的。基本的psx框架已更新到最新版本。
标签: Beta
Native OpenID support to login has been added. psx cms is now an opensocial API server and uses OAuth to protect the API. A native friendship function so that a relation between users can be created has been added. User profiles have been fixed to be editable by the user. Some unnecessary plugins were removed and many bugs were fixed. The underlying psx framework was updated to the current version.

2009-10-26 01:15
0.1.5 beta

标签: Beta
The underlying psx framework was updated to version 0.2.0. A few classes were added to the library to simplify "CRUD" tasks. Plugins can offer an API by using the psx cms API interface. Common Javascript classes were added to make it easier for plugins to create an admin panel and to offer an consistent UI. The plugin "sitemap" was added to generate an XML sitemap from your Web site. Several bugs were fixed.

2009-09-14 01:10

标签: Beta
An auto-logout function for the frontend and backend (you can set the expire time in the system vars) was implemented. The plugin newsletter was added. Gadgets have the option to be cached. The default template was redesigned, and some bugs were fixed.

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