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The C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes) is a simple alternative to the STL that includes multithreading and networking. It defines dynamic strings, character sets, variants, lists and other basic data types along with threads, synchronization primitives and IP sockets. It is portable across modern Unix and Windows systems and includes a sample HTTP daemon showing the full power of the library.


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2007-06-27 18:11

为HP-UX/aCC支持增加了。汇编若干问题,解决了* BSD系统和Mac OS X
标签: Minor bugfixes
Support for HP-UX/aCC was added. Several
compilation problems were solved on *BSD systems
and Mac OS X.

2007-05-15 15:13

除了Intel和PowerPC,原子功能(公司/ 12月/掉期)现在在SPARC平台的汇编语言实现,以及。更奇特的平台仍然使用这些功能的互斥哈希表。本新闻稿中的另一个重要改进是引入便携式64位文件/流的定位。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
In addition to Intel and PowerPC, atomic functions
(inc/dec/swap) are now implemented in the assembly
language for SPARC platforms as well. More exotic
platforms still use a mutex hash table in these
functions. Another important improvement in this
release is introduction of portable 64-bit
file/stream positioning.

2007-01-24 20:17

标签: Minor bugfixes
Several bugs have been fixed that accumulated during the past few years.

2004-05-17 15:02

标签: Minor feature enhancements
The memory corruption problem in multi-threaded
applications compiled with the LinuxThreads
library has been fixed. Several minor improvements
and bugfixes have been made for streams and for
the dynamic string class.

2004-03-27 17:35

标签: Minor bugfixes

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