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PyQt is a comprehensive set of Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit.


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2012-02-13 04:00

这是主要 bug 修正版本。
This is mainly a bugfix release.

2011-12-23 22:52

此版本添加对 Qt 4.8.0 的支持,并添加 QtDBus 模块。
This release adds support for Qt 4.8.0 and adds a QtDBus module.

2011-11-01 04:31

This is a minor bugfix release.

2011-08-10 23:44

This is a minor bugfix release.

2011-05-02 22:56

支持加入为Qt v4.7.2。 QObject.findChild()和QObject.findChildren()现在允许一个元组类型的对象,以及作为一个单一的类型参数,这样一个多种类型的儿童可能被发现。为QCommonStyle支持加入。有限支持setEventFilter()和filterEvent()被添加到QAbstractEventDispatcher。支持setAttributeArray()被添加到QGLShaderProgram。 pyrcc4现在压缩默认情况下,以配合碾压混凝土的行为。 QTouchEventSequence被删除,因为它的C + + API使得它不可能从Python使用。
Support was added for Qt v4.7.2. QObject.findChild() and QObject.findChildren() now allow a tuple of type objects as well as a single type argument so that children of a number of types may be found. Support for QCommonStyle was added. Limited support for setEventFilter() and filterEvent() was added to QAbstractEventDispatcher. Support for setAttributeArray() was added to QGLShaderProgram. pyrcc4 will now compress by default to match the behavior of rcc. QTouchEventSequence was removed, as its C++ API makes it impossible to be used from Python.

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