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Qt is a comprehensive, object-oriented development framework that enables development of high-performance, cross-platform rich-client and server-side applications. When you implement a program with Qt, you can run it on the X Window System (Unix/X11), Apple Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows NT/9x/2000/XP by simply compiling the source code for the platform you want. Qt is the basis for the KDE desktop environment, and is also used in numerous commercial applications such as Google Earth, Skype for Linux, and Adobe Photoshop Elements.


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2012-12-25 22:24

此版本表示大修的 c + + GUI 编程框架。主要好处包括图形质量改进,有限的硬件,跨平台的可移植性,对 C + + 11 的支持,与 QtWebKit 2,与新的 Api,极大地改进 QML 引擎的 HTML5 支持更高的性能和易用性和与 Qt 4 版本的兼容性。
标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements
This version represents a major overhaul of the C++ GUI programming framework. Key benefits include graphics quality improvements, higher performance on constrained hardware, cross-platform portability, support for C++11, HTML5 support with QtWebKit 2, a vastly improved QML engine with new APIs, and ease of use and compatibility with Qt 4 versions.

2011-12-16 07:23

Qt 平台抽象 (QPA) 重组 GUI 堆栈,以便更容易的 Qt 移植到不同的窗口系统和设备。螺纹的 OpenGL 允许从多个线程同时呈现 OpenGL。HTTP 请求现在,默认情况下在一个单独的线程中处理。文件系统堆栈收到引擎盖下一些重物。结果就是更好的 I/O 性能。
标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements, OpenGL, http
Qt Platform Abstraction (QPA) restructures the GUI stack to enable easier porting of Qt to different windowing systems and devices. Threaded OpenGL enables rendering OpenGL from more than one thread concurrently. HTTP requests are now handled in a separate thread by default. The filesystem stack received some heavy lifting under the hood. The result is better I/O performance.

2011-09-10 09:42

这个版本引入了Qt的快速1.1的新功能,如(从右到左的支持,提高了图像缓存,和文字输入的改进:支持分屏虚拟键盘,和捏区为处理触摸输入一个声明API)和QML的着色插件(嵌入在QML应用程序的OpenGL shader效果)。 Symbian和大量的错误修正也有进一步改进。
标签: 4.7, Stable, Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
This version introduces new features like Qt Quick 1.1 (with right-to-left support, improved image caching, and text input improvements: support for split-screen virtual keyboard, and Pinch Area to provide a declarative API for handling touch input) and the QML Shaders plugin (embed OpenGL shader effects in QML apps). There are also additional improvements for Symbian and a lot of bugfixes.

2011-05-05 09:55

标签: Minor bugfixes
Important bugfixes, especially for the Symbian platform.

2010-11-25 21:29

标签: Minor bugfixes
Performance enhancements were made. Various minor bugs were fixed.

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