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Rocks is a complete "cluster on a CD" solution for
x86 and IA64 Red Hat Linux COTS clusters. Building
a Rocks cluster does not require any experience in
clustering, yet a cluster architect will find a
flexible and programmatic way to redesign the
entire software stack just below the surface
(appropriately hidden from the majority of users).
Although Rocks includes the tools expected from
any clustering software stack (PBS, Maui, GM
support, Ganglia, etc), it is unique in its
simplicity of installation.


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2008-11-19 17:39

标签: Major feature enhancements
Enhancements and updates were made to all

2007-08-23 22:15

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release adds a command line for controlling the cluster. Boot order issues have been fixed. Core components have been updated.

2007-03-10 12:30

标签: Major bugfixes
The name server is now correctly restarted when
adding nodes. This
release fixes lockups that occurred when using
10/100 ethernet over the

2007-02-21 20:06

该一线希望来源刷新。 GROMACS 3.3.1增加了MPICH的支持和编译。有很多错误修正。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
The glimmer source was refreshed. GROMACS 3.3.1 has been added and compiled with MPICH support. There are many bugfixes.

2006-03-15 00:19

安装程序已取代雪崩,使用BitTorrent的支持并发安装。岩石关键工具已经搬迁到/ opt /岩石,以区分它们的标准版本。底层平台已经升级到CentOS 4更新2。改进的支持分区,尤其是在NAS和与多个控制器计算设备。神经指标的取消导致的SCSI错误。反引号现在允许根口令。支持已被添加了多层次的设备命名。改进的路由处理的集群和设备水平表。改进的64位支持。
标签: Major feature enhancements
The installer has been replaced by Avalance, which uses BitTorrent to support concurrent installation. Critical tools for Rocks have been relocated to /opt/rocks, to distinguish them from standard versions. The underlying platform has been upgraded to Centos 4 update 2. Improved support for partitioning, especially in NAS and Compute appliances with multiple controllers. The removal of ganglia metrics that cause SCSI errors. Backticks are now allowed in root passwords. Support has been added for multi-level device naming. Improved handling of routing tables at the cluster and appliance levels. Improved 64-bit support.

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