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ROX-Filer is a fast and powerful graphical file manager. It has full drag-and-drop support and background file operations, and is highly configurable. It can also act as a pinboard, allowing you to pin frequently used files to the desktop background.


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2009-05-11 04:56

标签: Minor feature enhancements
New features include inotify support for monitoring directory updates and back-references when bulk-renaming files. A new Galego translation was added, and there are updates for Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese.

2008-05-18 20:01

图标命名的MIME已更新到最新freedesktop.org计划。这应该使GNOME的主题与红霉素更好Filer中。阿的工作是为解决与Compiz面板就业问题,增加融合0.7.4。 “路径”键英寸桌面文件现在支持。越南,俄语,意大利语,法语翻译和更新了,有些错误是固定的。
标签: Minor feature enhancements, Stable
The MIME icon naming was updated to the latest scheme. This should make GNOME
themes work better with ROX-Filer. A work-around
was added for a panel placement problem with
Compiz-fusion 0.7.4. The "Path" key in .desktop
files is now supported. The Vietnamese, Russian,
Italian, and French translations were updated, and
some bugs were fixed.

2008-01-09 08:55

这是一个bug修正版本,修复了在非翻译问题的UTF - 8语言环境,对x86_64平台段错误,以及其他一些问题。的中文翻译已更新。旧的安装脚本了。
标签: Major bugfixes, Stable
This is a bugfix release, fixing translation
problems in non-UTF-8 locales, a segfault on the
x86_64 platform, and some other issues. The
Chinese translations were updated. The old install
script is gone.

2007-11-30 22:48

标签: Major feature enhancements, Stable
The panel configuration interface has been reworked to allow for easier adding, removing, and editing of panels. A new log window records file actions for reference. Support for using GNOME icon themes was improved. The source code is now managed using GIT. Various bugs were fixed.

2007-06-10 21:31

与会话管理的一些问题修复。这使得更容易使用红霉素- Filer中的gnome - session和类似的软件。当创建缩略图,该版本可以使用了EXIF图像,速度上去嵌入的缩略图。问题的夫妇建立固定。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
Some problems with session management were fixed. This makes it easier to use ROX-Filer with gnome-session and similar software. When creating thumbnails, this release can use a thumbnail embedded in an EXIF image, which speeds things up. A couple of build problems were fixed.

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