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SchemaSpy analyzes database metadata to reverse engineer dynamic Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams. It works with just about any JDBC-compliant database and can identify Ruby on Rails style databases, as well as other implied relationships.


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2010-08-17 14:10

SQL是增加了对MySQL数据库查询详情。在表选项卡,您现在可以查看表和视图分开以及隐藏评论。该栏目页面已经被下调,以帮助解决大(例如20000台)架构载入问题。阿- gv的选项被加入到不再需要寻找GraphViz的路径上。挂钩被添加到允许的查看SQL自定义格式化。 DB2的物化查询表(MQT)被视为意见。一个新的选项被添加到提示输入密码,所以它不会出现在命令行。许多额外的错误是固定的。
标签: Major
SQL was added for querying view details for MySQL databases. On the tables tab, you can now view tables and views separately as well as hide comments. The columns page has been trimmed down to help resolve loading issues on large (e.g. 20,000 table) schemas. A -gv option was added to no longer require finding Graphviz on the path.
Hooks were added to allow for custom formatting of view SQL. DB2 Materialized Query Tables (MQTs) are treated as views. A new option was added to prompt for the password, so it doesn't appear on the command line. Many additional bugs were fixed.

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