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Scribus is a desktop page layout program with the aim of producing commercial grade output in PDF and Postscript.


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2013-01-15 21:20

提供了基于 Hunspell 新拼写检查器。64 位版本的 Windows Vista 中,现 7 和 8。(包括翻译),更新文档和用户界面的翻译进行了更新。Python 脚本 (Windows) 提供了一个安全更新和修复到与文件的位置和文件名在 Windows 上的问题。也有修复和对脚本编写者的增强。提供了附加的生成选项。有主要和次要的错误修正,从角有些崩溃到可用性改进。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements, Stable
A new spellchecker based on Hunspell was provided. 64-bit versions are now available for Windows Vista, 7, and 8. Documentation was updated (including translations), and UI translations were updated. A security update was provided for the Python Scripter (Windows) along with fixes to issues with file locations and file names on Windows. There were also fixes and an enhancement to the Scripter. Additional build options were provided. There were major and minor bugfixes, ranging from crashes in some corner cases to usability improvements.

2012-01-03 07:39

已解决 2000 多个功能请求和错误,因为此版本的发展开始。
标签: st, Major bugfixes, Major feature enhancements
More than 2000 feature requests and bugs have been resolved since the development of this version started.

2011-06-19 15:56

作了修正的文章编辑器,样式和越野车的字体。支持是增加了对CUPS 1.5。
标签: Stable, Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
Fixes were made for the Story Editor, Styles, and buggy fonts. Support was added for CUPS 1.5.

2011-03-30 16:40

标签: Minor Enhancements, Minor bugfixes
Crash bugs were fixed. A lot of undo updates were made (including updates to text undo). Usability fixes were made. A move was made to 140 versioned preference files. A number of older bugs were triaged and fixed.

2011-03-09 06:52

标签: Major bugfixes, Major feature enhancements
This is the second release candidate to be the next stable 1.4.x. Since 1.3.3.x, there has been a complete port to Qt4 and over a thousand bugfixes and feature requests.

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