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Sculptor is a productivity tool that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages. You express your design intent in a textual specification, from which Sculptor generates high quality Java code and configuration. You can use the concepts from Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in the textual Domain Specific Language (DSL), e.g. Service, Module, Entity, Value Object, Repository. The generated code is based on well-known frameworks such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Java EE. Sculptor takes care of the technical details and the tedious repetitive work, and lets you focus on delivering more business value (and have more fun). The DSL and the code generation drives the development and is not a one time shot. The application can be developed incrementally with an efficient round trip loop. Sculptor is useful when developing typical enterprise or Web applications that benefit from a rich and persistent domain model.


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2009-06-15 09:46

支持Java持久性API(JPA)。支持Hibernate验证。春天而不是XML注释。 JUnit 4中说明。码头和内存HSQLDB的。春天Webflow 2。不会生成默认的差距类。一个错误修正和改进的名单。
Support for the Java Persistence API (JPA). Support for the Hibernate validator. Spring annotations instead of XML. JUnit 4 annotations. Jetty and in-memory Hsqldb. Spring Webflow 2. Doesn't generate gap classes by default. A long list of bugfixes and improvements.

2009-02-05 04:17

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement

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