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Admin is entirely written in Java. It uses Swing GUI Components and JDBC to connect to databases. It has been succesfully tested with MySQL, Derby, InstantDB, Oracle, Empress, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. You can have a tree view of the RDBMS or pick a single instance to have a look at its metadata. It allows you to create, modify, and drop tables and to create indices on a table. The dynamic form makes it easy to enter data into a certain table, and the guided query makes it easy to retrieve data from a table and to export it. Java developers will probably enjoy the code generator doing an OO relational wrapper and a swing GUI for them. There is a tool with which SQL statements can be enriched with a few commands, generating a GUI to easily select data from a DB. You can also export and import data and transport it from one DBMS to another.


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2010-12-06 02:06
2.4.3 2010-12-05

这个版本有一个新的实用程序导入到关系数据库表的XML数据文件。从数据钻探复选框板现在有一个切换按钮,选择或取消选择一个点击一切。进行了一些测试用Apache Derby和支持对于德比增加了对表的创建。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This version has a new utility to import XML data files into an RDBMS table. The checkbox panels from data drilling now have a toggle button to select or unselect everything with one click. Some tests were done with Apache Derby and support was added for Derby for table creation.

2007-11-11 15:30

这个版本有一个新的工具,叫做数据选择。这个工具制定的初衷是让不知道对RDBMS和联接和其他此类在世界上的数据库复杂事情变得复杂的数据用户的选择。此工具已生产3年。SQLAdmin现在还可以通过Java Webstart推出。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This version has a new tool, called Data
Selection. This tool was initially developed to
allow complex data selections for users not
knowing much about RDBMS and Joins and other such
complicated things in the world of databases. This
tool has been in production for three years.
SQLAdmin can now also be launched via Java

2004-10-08 17:11

此版本增加了一个新CreateTable,图形用户界面允许你一个网格内创建表。它支持不是在“旧”版本提供额外的参数,你可以设置默认值,检查,约束和外键,关系。有一个编辑器,允许您选择,只需点击它引用列。 SQL的监视器现在允许使用“降序”。缺陷已得到修复。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This release adds a new CreateTable-GUI which allows you to create the
table within a grid. It supports additional parameters not available in
the "old" Version; you can set default values, check-constraints, and
foreign-key-relationships. There is an editor that allows you to select
the referencing column by simply clicking it. SQL-Monitor now allows the
use of "desc". Bugs have been fixed.

2003-08-17 11:55

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This version features a better data export utility, it is
faster, and supports CSV, XLS, and XML format. If the
underlying RDBMS is MySQL there is an additional menu
to display a dashboard.

2003-05-18 10:36

标签: Minor feature enhancements
The generated code now has an additional constructor
to save connections to the DBMS. This new constructor
allows giving an existing connection over. Getting the
next() row also now reuses the existing connection. The
code generator has two additional buttons that allows
developers to compile and run the generated code.

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