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Statistics-Descriptive is a Perl module to perform Statistical Analysis on numeric data. It can retrieve such things as the mean (or average), the median, the standard deviation, a histogram/frequency analysis, etc.


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2012-03-08 21:34

现在,一些方法返回 undef(),如果没有数据。如果集合中没有任何元素百分位现在不会死。
标签: Bug fixes
Some methods now return undef() if there are no data. Percentile now doesn't die if there are no elements in the collection.

2010-10-17 16:41

偏度和峰度增加了。的变化和修改日志被解除了。pm文件。增加了一些文件,明确了第0个百分点的返回值,因为它返回undef()代表- INF中。脚本被添加到标签释放使用Subversion。
标签: Stable, Feature Enhancements, Documentation
Skewness and kurtosis were added. The log of changes and revisions was removed from the .pm file. Some documentation was added, clarifying the 0th percentile return value, as it returns undef() to represent -inf. A script was added to tag a release using Subversion.

2009-07-21 20:12

标签: Stable, CPAN
The quantile method was added.

2009-05-31 04:36

标签: Code cleanup, Refactoring, CPAN
Many code cleanups and refactoring were done. Some test assertions were added.

2009-05-14 19:13

标签: Stable, CPAN
This release added a workaround to a case where the variance resulted in a small negative number due to rounding errors. A LICENSE section was added to the documentation along with an examples directory with a sample script.

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