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Sunflower is a small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins. It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment.


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2013-02-05 11:05

此版本添加了大小可调的面板,配置主菜单加速器的能力嵌入外部终端应用程序 (是,XTerm 工程)、 自定义选择的指标和支持 WebDav 装载。
标签: Alpha
This release adds resizable panels,
the ability to configure main menu accelerators,
embedded external terminal applications (yes, XTerm works),
a custom selection indicator,
and support for WebDav mounts.

2012-12-24 11:51

此版本下引擎盖和大量的错误修正带来更改的日志。复制操作的性能大大提高。软件正确处理在复制操作过程中发生的异常,并将在开始操作之前检查可用空间。刺激性的视觉 bug,造成在安装管理器中重复的条目也是走了。
标签: Alpha
This version brings a log of changes under the hood and a lot of bugfixes. Performance of the copy operation has been greatly improved. The software properly handles exceptions occurring in the middle of a copy operation, and will check for available space before starting operations. An irritating visual bug that caused entries in the mount manager to be duplicated is also gone.

2012-12-04 07:16

自动检测上第一次启动的默认编辑器。添加用于查看使用 'nm' 命令的二进制可执行文件的支持。添加支持打开和编辑终端选项卡中的文件正确地检测文件类型时准备的弹出式菜单。懒命令分叉,避免测量的终端窗口大小的程序的问题。在启动一个操作,以避免潜在的问题之前获取选定项的列表。修复删除远程文件系统上的文件的问题。注: 此版本已断开的会话的插件。
标签: Alpha
Automatically detects the default editor on first start. Adds support for viewing binary executable files using the 'nm' command. Adds support for opening and editing files in a terminal tab. Properly detects file type when preparing popup menu. Lazy command forking to avoid problems with programs that measure the size of the terminal window. Gets a list of selected items before starting an operation to avoid potential problems. Fixes a problem with removing files on remote file systems.
Note: this version has a broken sessions plugin.

2012-11-19 06:10

此版本添加了一个选项以允许禁用确认删除项目时。它将添加缺少的定义的 WM_CLASS 以便在多个显示器的系统上的对话框位置正确。它修复了未处理的异常时的应用程序不已指定任何命令行。正确处理 cd 命令。正确地检测和执行文件。添加用于检测基于数据的内容类型的支持。书签菜单项与解决的问题。确保要隐藏微调按钮,即使发生异常。检测到更改方式的图标。修复项目属性窗口中的内容类型检测。重新设计的查看器工具。
标签: Alpha
This release adds an option to allow disabling confirmation when deleting items. It adds missing definitions of WM_CLASS so that dialogs are positioned properly on systems with multiple displays.
It fixes an unhandled exception when the application has no command line specified. Properly handles the 'cd' command. Properly detects and execute files.
Adds support for detecting content type based on data.
Fixes an issue with bookmark menu items. Makes sure to hide the spinner even if an exception occurs. Changes the way icons are detected. Fixes content type detection in the item properties window. A redesigned viewer tool.

2012-11-13 09:29

此版本将程序添加到要使其可见,默认情况下在 KDE 的 FileTools 组。要控制在启动时自动安装卷或连接的选项。更新后的匈牙利文翻译。赛车条件时加载一个特定的目录项的的修补程序。手动输入路径时,请将当前路径设置作为默认值。扩展手动输入的路径以便 ~ 是有效的目录。修复的 FTP 和桑巴舞的输入对话框的行为。
标签: Alpha
This release adds a program to the FileTools group to make it visible by default in KDE. Options to control auto-mounting volumes on startup or connect. An updated Hungarian translation. A fix for a racing condition when loading items for a specific directory. Sets the current path as the default value when manually entering a path. Expands the manually entered path so that ~ is a valid directory. Fixes the behavior of the FTP and Samba input dialogs.

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