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Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable mailing list software. It can cope with big lists (780,000 subscribers), and it comes with a complete Web interface for both the user and the administrator. It is internationalized. Sites can customize Web and mail templates, authentication backends, and authorization scenarios. Dynamic mailing lists can use multiple backends (LDAP, SQL, files, lists, or others). Sympa is the only S/MIME and DKIM enabled mailing list software, and it provides both authentication and encryption.


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2011-07-28 16:33

标签: translations, Bugfixes
Thie release includes bugfixes and improvmenets in the i18n catalogues.

2011-06-07 21:26

标签: translations, Bugfixes
This version includes several bugfixes and a slight change to the SSO connector. It also includes updated translations.

2011-01-21 20:18

标签: Bugfixes, Stable Release
This release includes a lot of bug fixes. Some improvments were also made. The reliability of the sympa startup script was increased. Information was improved on some pages and service mails. A lot of work was done on the internationalization support for Swedish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Estonian, Hungarian, German, and Catalan.

2010-11-18 00:19

增加了许多新的功能。现在是可以定制的数据具体到每个用户的信息内容。 Sympa的现在支持消息的发送和DKIM的访问控制。现在可以从名单中排除的成员,即使成员是通过外部数据源中。用户可以暂停他们的名单接待。大多数支持语言的翻译已经升级。几乎完全的翻译是语言波兰语,日语,俄语,德语。
标签: DKIM, Stable, Major feature enhancements
Many new features were added. It is now possible to customize message content with data specific to each subscriber. Sympa now supports DKIM for message sending and for access control. It is now possible to exclude members from lists, even if the member is included through an external data source. Users can temporarily suspend their list reception. The translations for most supported languages have been upgraded. The languages that are almost completely translated are Polish, Japanese, Russian, and German.

2010-05-29 00:17

标签: Unstable, Major feature enhancements
This is the first beta release of the 6.1 branch of Sympa. This new main branch introduces several new features, including the ability to customize message content for each subscriber using user-specific data, and support for DKIM.

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