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System Installer (a component of the System
Installation Suite) is a tool to install a system
with any Linux distribution. It builds Linux
operating system images that can be propogated to
remote machines using SystemImager and


System requirement is not defined
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2003-01-15 01:29

标签: Minor bugfixes
This release contains some minor fixes. Included are fixes for mkdhcpconf, tksis's call of mkautoinstallscript, get_machine_listing when no image iis given, and a mksimachine failure when no MAC is specified.

2002-12-17 22:17

这种稳定的版本,包括要求使用的systemimager 3.0.0的新结构的变化。此外,一个新的,简单的数据库使用。有许多性能改进和一些新功能,包括能够添加单一的机器和一个mksirange -垫标志。为支持基于UnitedLinux的发行版中还增加了。还有包括mksidisk -名单旗几个bug修正,dhcpd.conf文件创建和预防冲突的客户。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This stable release includes the changes required to work with the new architecture of SystemImager 3.0.0. Additionally, a new, simpler database is used. There are many performance improvements and some new features, including the ability to add single machines and a --pad flag for mksirange. Support for the UnitedLinux based distros has also been added. There are also several bugfixes including the --List flag of mksidisk, dhcpd.conf file creation, and prevention of client conflicts.

2002-12-11 22:56

标签: Minor feature enhancements, Development
This development release includes many performance improvements related to the new database. It also includes a tool to migrate previous databases to the new one. You can now add single machines with the mksimachine command, and the --pad flag was added to mksirange.

2002-12-05 08:56

此版本包括了许多变化与新的systemimager 3.0架构。还包括一个新的数据库是简单,较少prereq问题。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Development
This release includes many changes to work with the new SystemImager 3.0 architecture. Also included is a new database that is simpler and has fewer prereq issues.

2002-06-14 22:26

该版本主要包含SuSE 7.2和SLES7一些修正。也有一些小幅修正tksis'错误检查和管理的能力建设中的图像时,root密码,以及为在mksidisk磁盘类型覆盖修复。
标签: Minor bugfixes
The release mostly contains some fixes for SuSe 7.2 and SLES7. There are also some minor fixes to tksis' error checking and the ability to set the root password in the image when building, and a fix for the disk type override in mksidisk.

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