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TeamLab is a platform for business collaboration and document, project, and customer relationship management. Its wide array of features includes projects, milestones, tasks, reports, calendar, deal tracking, events, blogs, forums, bookmarks, wiki, instant messenger, and more.


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2013-01-26 22:42
7.0 (SaaS version)

此版本添加协同编辑和在线文档编辑器在评论时,一个通用的界面与导航面板模块的所有在左边和内容方面的权利和分离的人节入其自己的模块,为所有的 TeamLab 工具提供单个成员基地田间。添加了 SkyDrive 一体化。向综合文件夹从谷歌驱动器、 收存、 框和 SkyDrive 添加了管理访问权限。集成的项目和文件的模块了。
标签: collaborative editing, SkyDrive, project management, access rights
This release added collaborative editing and commenting in the online document editor, one common interface for all of the modules with the navigation panel on the left and the content fileds on the right, and separation of the People section into its own module, providing a single member base for all TeamLab tools. SkyDrive integration was added. Access Rights Management was added to integrated folders from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and SkyDrive. The Projects and Documents modules were integrated.

2012-02-22 07:14

CRM 和日历模块有已添加到开放源代码的版本。日历: 几种查看模式,共享和共同编辑和通知。CRM: 联系数据库跟踪,销售管道控制、 交易的成功概率和预算和估计交易截止日期。发起了一个 Windows 服务器解决方案。打开代码,安装文件被上传到。它自动配置 IIS,并创建一个数据库,而无需用户交互。
标签: Calendar, CRM, server solution
CRM and Calendar modules have been added to the open source version. Calendar: several view modes, sharing and co-editing, and notifications. CRM: contact database tracking, sales pipeline control, deals' success probability, and budget and estimated deal due dates. A Windows server solution has been launched. In addition to the open codes, the installation file was uploaded to It automatically configures IIS and creates a database without user interaction.

2011-08-09 21:42

标签: online document editor, social network, storage space statistics
An online document editor was added, which allows for creating and editing documents and spreadsheets directly in the browser with no plug-in needed and regardless of the OS type. Detailed statistics on storage space used by a team are available. One can now log into the portal with various social networks accounts: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Personal data security was improved with protection against XSS attacks.

2011-03-16 19:30

这些文件的模块已被引入。现在你可以创建,编辑,存储,并与您的同事共享数据在门户网站的权利。项目模板可供选择。创建新的项目已经变得更加容易,因为有一个预先格式化的文件准备好所有必需的组件:里程碑,讨论,并分配给员工的任务。 TeamLab通话功能已得到改善。新功能包括集团消息,multichat和消息的历史。在任务部分增强。任务截止日期,任务提示,“我的任务”页面增加了。
The Documents Module has been introduced. Now you can create, edit, store, and share data with your colleagues right on the portal. Project templates are available. New project creation has become much easier, since there is a preformatted document ready with all necessary components: milestones, discussions, and tasks assigned to employees. TeamLab Talk functionality has been improved. New features include group messaging, multichat, and message history. The Tasks section was enhanced. Tasks due dates, task reminder, and the “My tasks” page were added.

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