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Tellmatic is a tool to manage and create newsletters for personalized mailing or mass mailing. Addresses and newsletters are stored in groups to handle different user groups and thousands of addresses at a time. SMTP is used for sending the newsletter to your subscribers to make sure you get all error and bounce messages. Bounces can be handled automagically via a small bounce-management module with POP3 access. It also has a small form-editor and statistics. You can import and export your addresses in CSV format.


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2011-03-10 02:09

Lots of bugfixes and improvements and new features were made.

2010-07-12 05:01

Many bugfixes and optimizations. Upgrading is highly recommended. New features: a link manager; view nl online (personalized); find and remove duplicates; and much more.

2010-01-14 06:43

标签: resize, watermark, save search, templates
Newsletters now have Title, SubTitle, and Summary, can be saved as templates, and allow resizing and watermarking up uploaded images. Search allows you to save parameters. Lists: new pager. The loader popup has been moved to the top. There are bugfixes and improvements.

2009-07-15 21:39

标签: Bugfixes
Some important bugs were fixed. Unsubscribe forms have changed to allow personalized unsubscription and prefilling of email address. CAPTCHA was added to the unsubscribe form. Forms were changed to allow an admin to force users to select public groups and choose from updating or overwriting references. Some small improvements were made to the GUI. Minor bugs were fixed. The Send-Routine was optimized.

2009-02-03 10:34

标签: Major bugfixes
This is a fixed version of, which contained a critical bug related to newer MySQL versions.

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