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TimeTrex is a complete Web-based payroll and time management suite that offers employee scheduling, time and attendance (timeclock, timesheet/timecard), job costing, invoicing, and payroll in a single package. Employees can use Web browsers or timeclocks to track their time and attendance, check their own timesheet for missed punches, and respond to flagged timesheet errors. Payroll administrators can quickly generate paystubs and process payroll based off timesheet information or export timesheet data to other applications.


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2012-01-20 08:25

此版本添加了一个完全重新设计的界面,支持拖放,以及批量添加、 编辑或删除操作。它还添加了一个新的报告引擎,安全增强功能,和一种 Web 服务 API (肥皂/JSON/AMF) 用 100%的功能覆盖率和插件引擎。
This release adds a completely-redesigned interface which supports drag-and-drop as well as bulk add/edit/delete operations. It also adds a new reporting engine, security enhancements, and a Web services API (SOAP/JSON/AMF) with 100% functionality coverage and a plugin engine.

2011-11-19 03:35

此版本包含更多高级的假日平均公式,由员工额外资格标准扣减税额/年龄和工资支持最多 16 位长。
This release contains more advanced holiday averaging formulas, additional eligibility criteria by employee age for Tax/Deductions, and support for wages up to 16 digits long.

2011-06-22 19:02

This release includes updated tax tables for Canada, as well as an improved installation procedure.

2010-12-29 19:02

This release contains 2011 tax table updates for the US and Canada.

2010-11-25 07:05

This release contains an enhanced permission system and easier scheduling for complex schedule configurations.

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