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TOPCASED stands for Toolkit in OPen source for Critical Applications and SystEm Development. It is a system and software engineering workshop based on Eclipse. It aims to provide the tools required to go from requirements to the implementation stages. Focused on modeling development engineering, it includes several graphical editors (for ECORE, UML, SysML, SAM, AADL, and more), an OCL rules editor and checker, several code generators (SMUC, UML2C, UML2Java, UML2Python), a document generator, gPM (a ticket tracker), xHDL tools, Tramway (a requirements traceability framework), and more. External tools can be easily connected to the workshop through its API or models.


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2011-01-15 07:39

此版本主要目的是重构Topcased包,使构建和部署更容易(更新网站的政策,例如,已演变为提高部署的决定)。它也包括像的SAM的特定要求和新的共同经理人,为的TODO注释的喜好,和UML / SysML的图形用户界面的改进未成年人更换轻微增强。
标签: Minor feature enhancements, Major bugfixes
This release mainly aims to refactor Topcased packages to make build and deployment easier (update site policy, for example, has evolved to improve the determinism of deployments). It also includes minor enhancements, like the replacement of the SAM-specific requirements manager with the new common one, preferences for TODO notes, and UML/SysML minor GUI improvements.

2010-06-03 01:36

标签: Major feature enhancements, Major bugfixes
TOPCASED now includes a language agnostic (UML, SysML, SAM, ECORE, etc.) requirements manager. The performance of model authoring and verification have been improved. A major release of the document generator Gendoc is now available. The new concept of Channel, allowing one to build hierarchies of flows in system models, has been introduced in SAM. The usual big bunch of bugs were fixed.

2009-09-18 02:40

标签: Minor bugfixes
This release contains a few critical fixes related to performance and deployment.

2009-07-27 18:01

This version is based on Galileo (Eclipse 3.5). It contains a new mechanism to handle requirements (import, management), a read only mode between models, a generic transformation of elements, enhancement of the rich text editor, performance improvements, and new visibility options on UML properties and operations. Several bugs were fixed for the UML, SysML, and SAM editors.

2009-07-27 17:59

This is a maintenance version for the 2.x branch. It contains mainly enhancements for the SAM Editor. It is based on Ganymède (Eclipse 3.4).

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