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UCS is a reliable, pre-configured Linux server operating system featuring: Active Directory-like domain services compatible with Microsoft Active Directory; a mature and easy-to-use Web-based management system for user, rights, and infrastructure management; a scalable underlying concept suited for single server scenarios as well as to run and manage thousands of clients and servers for thousands of users within one single UCS domain; an app center providing single-click installation and integration of many business applications from 3rd parties and Univention; management capabilities to manage Linux- and UNIX-based clients; and command line, scripting interfaces, and APIs for automatization and extension. Its purpose is to provide Microsoft Server-like services on the cloud or on the premises, to run and operate corporate IT environments with Windows- and Linux-based clients, and to extend those environments with proven enterprise software.


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2013-02-05 08:28

Univention App 中心简单一体化的软件组件。Univention AD 收购的 ucs 基于 Samba 4 3 MS Active Directory 迁移。对 2012年 4 MS Windows 8/MS Windows 服务器的支持。Linux 内核已更新到版本 3.2.30。支持 UEFI 引导标准的系统。现在执行标准的 GUID 分区表中,默认情况下 6 安装。大型环境中,例如,组成员身份解析的性能改进。更新的 UCS 虚拟化堆栈 ;Xen 4.1.3、 QEMU/KVM 1.1.2 和 libvirt 0.9.12。
标签: libvirt 0.9.12, QEMU/KVM 1.1.2, Xen 4.1.3., UEFI boot standard, Linux kernel 3.2.30, MS Windows Server 2012, MS Windows 8, migration of AD
Univention App Center for the simple integration of software components. Univention AD Takeover for migration of MS Active Directory to UCS based on Samba 4 3. Support for MS Windows 8/MS Windows Server 2012 4. Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.2.30. Support of systems with the UEFI boot standard. Installation is now performed in the GUID Partition Table standard by default 6. Performance improvements for large environments, e.g. for group membership resolution. An update of the UCS virtualization stack; Xen 4.1.3, QEMU/KVM 1.1.2, and libvirt 0.9.12.

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