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Wackamole is a tool that helps with making a
cluster highly available. It manages a bunch of
virtual IPs that should be available to the outside
world at all times, and ensures that exactly one
machine within the cluster is listening on each
virtual IP address that Wackamole manages. If it
discovers that particular machines within the
cluster are not alive, it will almost immediately
ensure that other machines acquire the virtual IP
addresses the down machines were managing. At
no time will more than one connected machine be
responsible for any virtual IP.


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2007-12-28 23:15

标签: Minor bugfixes
Win32 compilation has been fixed. Operation on Solaris for ethernet devices with numbers in their device name (like e1000g) has been fixed.

2007-02-24 11:56

标签: Major feature enhancements
Many changes were made.

2001-11-13 05:48

autoconf的支持,FreeBSD的/ Solaris的8/Mac OS X的支持,默认daemonizing除非“三维”标志,,写的PID文件,syslogging知识产权释放/获取数据,并更新,使称虚拟IP地址数可以少于比机器的数量,如果有些机器配置贵宾0.0.0.0。
标签: Major feature enhancements
autoconf support, FreeBSD/Solaris 8/Mac OS X support, daemonizing by default unless the "-d" flag is given, writing a PID file, syslogging IP release/acquire data, and updates so that the number of vitual IPs can be less than the number of machines if some machines have config vip

2001-09-18 02:35

标签: Minor feature enhancements
Bringing down all virtual interfaces when when it dies, and attempting to reconnect to spread if it loses connection.

2001-09-04 14:07

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement

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