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Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms, you can setup user accounts, internet services, DNS, file sharing and so on.


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2013-02-07 11:09

此版本包括的 XSS 和野兽的攻击,挪威语、 加泰罗尼亚语、 德语、 波兰语翻译更新,定时的功能 UI 改进,创建断开连接的桥梁、 BTRFS 支持、 FreeBSD 9/10 的改进,CentOS 配额问题修复和更多的能力的修复。
This release includes fixes for XSS and BEAST attacks,
German, and Polish
translation updates,
scheduled function UI improvements,
the ability to create disconnected
BTRFS support,
FreeBSD 9/10 improvements,
CentOS quota fixes, and much more.

2012-11-19 04:22

此版本包含新的 iSCSI 目标模块、 德语和加泰罗尼亚语翻译更新,Fedora 17 ifconfig、 iSCSI 错误修正,和更多。
标签: iscsi german catalan fedora bind
This release includes a new iSCSI Target module, German and Catalan translation updates, Fedora 17 ifconfig, iSCSI bugfixes, and more.

2012-09-24 06:32

此版本包括一个新的默认主题,iSCSI 客户端和服务器模块,德国、 荷兰和挪威语翻译更新,状态监测记录,VLAN 和粘接的支持、 UI 清理、 XSS 攻击修复、 其他小错误修正和功能。
标签: iscsi xss vlan bond samba german dutch norwegian
This release includes a new default theme, iSCSI client and server modules, German, Dutch, and Norwegian translation updates, status monitoring logging, VLAN and bonding support, UI cleanups, XSS attack fixes, and many other small bugfixes and features.

2012-07-02 02:32

此版本包括德语、 荷兰语、 加泰罗尼亚语、 挪威语翻译更新,Ubuntu 12.04 支持,一个新的贡献的模块为 Shorewall6,DNSSEC 工具支持在绑定模块中,UI 清理在磁盘和网络文件系统模块中,新的用户界面,用于创建 SSL 企业社会责任、 Unix 密码限制改进和大量的小错误修正和其他的改进。
标签: bind dnssec shorewall ssl csr german dutch catalan norwegian
This release includes German, Dutch, Catalan, and Norwegian translation updates, Ubuntu 12.04 support, a new contributed module for Shorewall6, DNSSEC-Tools support in the BIND module, UI cleanups in the Disk and Network Filesystems module, a new UI for creating an SSL CSR, Unix password restriction improvements, and a vast number of small bugfixes and other improvements.

2012-01-23 10:25

此版本包括德语、 加泰罗尼亚语、 挪威语翻译更新、 更好的 Fedora 15 + 支持,MySQL 改进备份,舰碰撞的支持,编辑 MySQL 连接限制,以及更多的能力。
This release includes German, Catalan, and Norwegian translation updates, better Fedora 15+ support, MySQL backup improvements, systemd support, the ability to edit MySQL connection limits, and much more.

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