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Window Switch is a tool that allows you to move applications between networked computers. The windows appear where you need them, as they were. You no longer need to save and send documents to move them around; simply move the view of the application to the machine where you need it.


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2012-12-13 07:52

这次要更新带来的 MS Windows 和 OS X 的二进制文件,使其跟上最新的 xpra 0.7.5,并且还包括对 xpra 0.8.0 像全屏隐藏进来的新功能的支持。它还应解决一些 Debian/Ubuntu 分布和臭名昭著"没有可用的命令"的错误消息有的问题。
标签: Stable
This minor update brings the MS Windows and OS X binaries up to date with the latest xpra 0.7.5, and also includes support for the new features coming in xpra 0.8.0 like full screen shadowing. It should also fix the problem some Debian/Ubuntu distributions were having with the infamous "no commands available" error message.

2012-02-10 08:01

此版本有一些改变但一些相当重要的修复程序。它修复了"笔记本电脑暂停 bug"(修复重新连接到其服务器),修复 VNC/NX 完整的桌面会话启动对话框、 自动升级 xpra 会话和抓住新的未知的 xpra 会话,和已较少不必要计时器检查。可以使用键以激活"窗口模式"中的按钮。MS Windows 客户端现在断开 xpra 会话干净地 (删除系统托盘)。
标签: Stable
This release has few changes but some fairly important fixes. It fixes the "laptop suspend bug" (fixing reconnection to its server), fixes the VNC/NX full desktop sessions start dialog, automatically upgrades xpra sessions and grabs new unknown xpra sessions, and has fewer unnecessary timer wakeups. Keys can be used to activate buttons in "window mode". MS Windows clients now disconnect xpra sessions cleanly (removing the system tray).

2012-01-21 16:08

Pycrypto 兼容性、 更好地对话框的布局和平原 TCP 使用固定的端口模式的修复程序。现在支持插件,和新的 Xpra 选项的处理。
标签: Stable
Fixes for pycrypto compatiblity, better dialog layouts, and plain TCP using a fixed port mode. OpenBSD is now supported, and the new Xpra options are handled.

2011-12-30 07:45

此版本中包含一些重要的修正 (线程处理的一个问题是导致应用程序失去响应,和它现在正确滴眼液死连接),和一些新的或改进的功能,包括支持在开始会话,也支持设置的时区和区域设置时开始一个会话,更快的启动,更好的窗口布局 (避免软软的影响),和支持用于设置要使用的 rdesktop/xfreerdp 的键盘映射。
标签: Stable
This release contains some important bugfixes (a threading issue was causing application freezes, and it now correctly drops dead connections), and also some new or improved features, including support for VirtualBox sessions, support for setting the timezone and locale when starting a session, faster startup, better window layouts (avoiding the squishy effect), and support for setting the keyboard map to use with rdesktop/xfreerdp.

2011-11-29 08:36

这次要,主要是修复错误版本修正了 NX 的会话支持,缺少的托盘图标为 Ubuntu 的用户和一些稳定性问题。它将添加的能力,使在转发到您的本地计算机的远程会话中打开的 Url。它正好 Xpra (捆绑在 MS Windows 和 OS X 上),其中包括了一些显著的性能改进。
标签: Stable
This minor, mostly bugfix release fixes NX session support, missing tray icons for Ubuntu users, and some stability problems. It adds the ability to make URLs opened in remote sessions forward to your local machine. It coincides with Xpra (bundled on MS Windows and OS X), which includes a number of significant performance improvements.

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