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Worker is a file manager for the X Window System with the classical two panel interface. It features a fully graphical configuration, while still allowing manual editing of the configuration file without the need to restart Worker. Any external program can be integrated easily into the GUI using buttons, hotkeys, and file type actions. Worker uses file recognition by file content or by filename extension (or both). Different actions with completely configurable commands can be assigned to each file type.


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2012-02-20 07:14

此版本修复了 udisks 支持的代码中的内存泄漏。
This version fixes a memory leak in the code for udisks support.

2012-02-01 12:15

此版本添加了对 udisks 的支持。标志更换限制已在上下文菜单操作中被删除。有新命令"路径跳"用于访问与一些痕迹导航类似的导航已经访问过的目录。已修复在 XFT 的代码中的内存泄漏。
This release adds support for udisks. Flag replacement restrictions has been removed in context menu actions. There is a new command "path jump" for accessing already-visited directories with some breadcrumb-like navigation. A memory leak in the XFT code has been fixed.

2011-10-01 07:13

虚拟文件的临时副本,现在总是为创建访问由外部程序。卷管理器和搜索命令方面取得了一些小的改进。无休止的循环与残疾 utf-8 支持已得到修复。
Temporary copies of virtual files are now created always for access by external programs. Some minor improvements have been made for the volume manager and the search command. An endless loop with disabled UTF-8 support has been fixed.

2011-07-16 07:48

File search has been improved. It is now possible to open any number of search windows and do multiple searches in parallel. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

2011-06-03 05:32

A bug in directory reload has been fixed that prevented attributes from the directory cache from being restored (if version string compare was enabled). The Czech translation has been updated.

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