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Cyphesis is a server for MMORPG games. It is the core engine of the WorldForge project and is currently focused on implementing fantasy games, providing rich scripting, full world persistence, and basic physics.


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2011-03-02 19:08

A teleport connection can now be created between two servers, and characters can be transferred between them. Terrain mods have been rewritten to be much more advanced. New game play has been added using terrain mods for construction. Lots of bugs have been fixed.

2010-11-18 07:11

Gameplay systems now support creating and updating terrain mods.

2010-08-30 10:24

Client code can now be used to write more flexible scripts. The server now builds for Windows, and includes an experimental installer. Some great new castle buildings are now available to world builders. A number of new species of fish have been added. There are a huge number of bugfixes.

2010-01-03 22:44

Configurable spawn points can be created in the world now. The contents of the world can be dumped to file and restored. Lots of bugs have been fixed.

2009-12-05 04:05

The persistent server ruleset can now be fully managed from clients. The administrative security model has been improved. The test suite has been expanded massively.
Many bugs have been fixed.

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