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wview is an application that controls a supported weather station to retrieve archive records and current conditions. Archive records may optionally be stored in a relational database (MySQL or PostgreSQL). At a user-defined interval, wview will use the archive history and current conditions to generate weather images (buckets and graphs) and Web pages based on configurable HTML templates. It supports serial and USB data loggers, as well as connectivity with a terminal server or serial server via TCP sockets.


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2012-03-22 07:00

此版本重新添加"dailyrainin"为 HTTP 报告。他们做基于每小时雨值没有计算。它修复了一个错字 wviewmgmt station.php 文件中。
This release re-adds "dailyrainin" for HTTP reporting. They do no computation based on hourly rain values. It fixes a typo in the wviewmgmt station.php file.

2012-03-21 21:24

此版本修改 HTTP 雨提交 (Wunderground 和 Weatherforyou) 所以只"rainin"参数是已发送,所以每日雨会是正确的。
This release modifies HTTP rain submission (Wunderground and Weatherforyou) so only the "rainin" parameter is sent, so daily rain will be correct.

2012-03-21 21:24

此版本添加了一个新的配置选项,以禁用使用华帝临控制台记录存档,并改为自动生成他们从循环的数据,修改 WH1080 站界面以放松数据包头要求所以它是符合更多站的这种类型,将"默认风单位"的配置项添加到 wviewmgmt 代页中,将添加支持的所有标记和图形以使用所选的风的单位全局默认风电设备的 wview,可以让用户选择英里/小时,m/s、 结、 或 km/h 和更改报告时间间隔从 10 到 5 分钟的最低 CWOP。
This release adds a new configuration option to disable using the Vantage Pro console archive records and instead autogenerate them from the LOOP data, modifies the WH1080 station interface to relax packet header requirements so it is compliant with more stations of this type, adds the configuration item "Default Wind Units" to the wviewmgmt generation page, adds support for all tags and graphics to use the selected wind units, lets the user select mph, m/s, knots, or km/h for the global default wind units in wview, and changes the minimum CWOP reporting interval from 10 to 5 minutes.

2011-05-23 03:45

此版本增加了“- f”参数,就这样他们就可以在前台运行(即不作为守护进程)的所有进程。这将有利于跟踪和调试命令行wview进程。一“开始追踪”命令已被添加到wview启动脚本的例子。一个rsyslog配置文件已被添加到Debian的APT安装,这样wview日志放置在文件/ var /日志/ wview.log。 “99 - wview.conf”已被添加到实例/ rsyslog目录,并有在建源使用在用户手册的章节中的说明。该WH1080站接口已经被更新,以更好地处理USB总线上的潜在无关的资料。
This release adds the "-f" argument to all processes so they can be run in the foreground (i.e. not as daemons). This will facilitate tracing and debugging wview processes from the command line. A "start-trace" command has been added to the wview start script examples. An rsyslog config file has been added to the Debian APT installation such that wview logs are placed in the file /var/log/wview.log. "99-wview.conf" has been added to the examples/rsyslog directory, and there are instructions for use in the source build section of the User Manual. The WH1080 station interface has been updated to better handle potential extraneous data on the USB bus.

2011-04-02 05:56

This release adds more valid magic numbers for WH1080 stations.

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