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wxWidgets is a cross-platform C++ GUI library, offering classes for all common GUI controls as well as a comprehensive set of helper classes for most common application tasks, ranging from networking to HTML display and image manipulation. wxWidgets uses native widgets on all platforms whenever possible and fills missing gaps on some platforms using generic controls written with wxWidgets itself.


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2009-09-09 23:44

增强功能包括α阶段之间的ANSI和Unicode的区别搬迁为基础,并重新设计的Mac OS X架构,支持32位碳和32/64可可变种(wxOSX /可可),财产的增加网格类,增强数据结合植树和清单管理行为的,对持久对象的支持,并全面修订使用Doxygen的文档视图控件。
标签: Unstable
Enhancements include the removal of the distinction between ANSI and Unicode builds, and a reworked Mac OS X architecture, supporting both 32-bit Carbon and 32-bit/64-bit Cocoa variants (wxOSX/Cocoa at alpha stage), the addition of property grid classes, an enhanced data view control with combined tree and list control behavior, support for persistent objects, and totally revised Doxygen-based documentation.

2007-10-01 23:31

各种小问题与GTK +的最新版本已经确定自上次次要版本。其他改进包括那些为GNOME打印对话框的包装,对接的wxAUI库和wxRichTextCtrl。展出的wxListCtrl的几个问题与新的基于GTK +的主题和连接罕见滚动的问题已得到修复。滚动wxStaticTexts和改进鼠标轮滚动已得到修复。带有wxSpinCtrl问题::set硒lue的下滑前的最后一个版本已得到解决。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
Various minor problems with the latest GTK+ versions have been fixed since the last minor release. Other improvements include those to the wrappers for the GNOME print dialogs, the wxAUI docking library, and the wxRichTextCtrl. Several display problems of wxListCtrl in connection with newer GTK+ themes and rare scrolling issues have been fixed. Scrolling wxStaticTexts and improved mouse wheel scrolling have been fixed. A problem with wxSpinCtrl::SetValue that slipped in before the last release was corrected.

2006-08-07 01:18

新的投资者联盟(高级用户界面)的停靠窗口库。一个新的富文本库。新的控制:wxComboCtrl和wxOwnerDrawnComboBox,wxTreebook,wxColour /署长/文件/字体/ PickerCtrls和wxHyperlinkCtrl。许多其他改进和修正缺陷的所有地区。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Development
A new AUI (advanced user interface) library for docking windows. A new richtext library. New controls: wxComboCtrl and wxOwnerDrawnComboBox, wxTreebook, wxColour/Dir/File/Font/PickerCtrls, and wxHyperlinkCtrl. Many other enhancements and bugfixes in all areas.

2006-03-29 22:48

本新闻稿中只包含错误修正一系列稳定。其中,以更正的GTK +的速度在MIME数据库代码窗口,在刷新代码主要更正,更正空闲事件请求的代码,用户划线在PostScript和GNOME的印刷印刷后端支持,以及各编制的问题,修复在Solaris。还有许多更正的其他港口,包括英特尔的Mac OS X端口的硬件支持。 GTK +的版本是用于Xara最近发布中心LX极限。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
This releases only contains bugfixes in the stable series. Among the corrections to the GTK+ are speed-ups in the MIME database code, major corrections in the refresh code, corrections to idle event request code, support for user dashes in the PostScript and GNOME-print printing backends, and fixes for various compilation issues on Solaris. There are also numerous corrections in the other ports, including support for Intel hardware in the Mac OS X port. The GTK+ version is used for the recent release of Xara Xtreme LX.

2005-04-22 18:47

支持的GTK + 2.4文件对话框,打印通过GNOME的印刷图书馆,为GNOME面板小程序,改进主题支持,更好的HIG支持(默认按钮顺序,并期待)的支持,形成框架窗口,位图的Alpha透明度和原材料像素访问,更完整的HTML支持的STL类容器类,一个完整的档案(邮编,gzip压缩等)类,改进插座支持,新建设成独立的分组(包括非GUI wxBase)库,改进Unicode的支持库分离系统(文本流和文件名),以及用于调试wxCrashReport类。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Stable
Support for GTK+ 2.4 file dialogs, printing through GNOME print libraries, support for GNOME panel applets, improved theme support, better HIG support (default button ordering and look), shaped frame windows, bitmaps with alpha transparency and raw pixel access, more complete HTML support, STL-like container classes, a complete set of archive (ZIP, gzip, etc) classes, improved socket support, a new build system with the library split into independent sub-libraries (including non-GUI wxBase), improved Unicode support (text streams and filenames), and a wxCrashReport class for debugging.

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