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xCHM is a cross-platform GUI frontend for CHMLIB, written with wxGTK. It is able to display the topics tree, work with displayed pages history, print the current page, work with bookmarks, change fonts and fast search through all the pages of the loaded .chm document. Being indirectly dependent on GTK+, the possibility of changing GTK+ skins makes xCHM theme-friendly.


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2012-09-04 21:42

标签: Bugfixes
This release updates the Polish and Russian translations and fixes a fonts setup bug.

2011-05-07 08:09

每个人都为x86_64 xchm的建设(64位)平台应该抓住这个更新。它修复了一个讨厌的错误,坠毁时xchm的中药文件只是“权利”,如果应用程序的已为64位系统之上。
标签: Bugfixes
Everyone building xCHM for x86_64 (64-bit) platforms should grab this update. It fixes a nasty bug that crashed xCHM when the CHM document was just "right", if the application's been built for a 64-bit system.

2011-04-26 18:33

Mac OS X的二进制文件,现已再次(通用Mac二进制建成使用XCode 3.1在Mac OS X 10.5的机器)。在Windows 32位的二进制可作为好(与Microsoft Visual Studio 2010年建成)。新版本能够为中文BIG5和日本SJIS字符(当对Unicode的wxWidgets的链接)适当的支持。一些小错误是固定的。
标签: Stable
Mac OS X binaries are now available again (Universal Mac binary built using XCode 3.1 on a Mac OS X 10.5 machine). A Windows 32-bit binary is available as well (built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010). The new version enables proper support for Chinese BIG5 and Japanese SJIS characters (when linked against Unicode wxWidgets). A few minor bugs were fixed.

2010-12-10 00:03

在Win32二进制不再取决于MinGW的运行时,它已经与微软的Visual C + + 2010编译器编译的快。 - notopics和 - 加入noindex分别增加一条,作为命令行参数,抑制负荷的主题树和索引列表。 Vim的类似文件增加了滚动按键绑定。源代码是兼容的wxWidgets的Unicode 2.9和/ MSVC的wxMSW建立兼容。简体中文文件显示正常。在Windows崩溃发生时,试图改变字体是固定的。加载搜索中字幕结果是固定的。 PT的翻译已更新。
The Win32 binary no longer depends on the MinGW runtime; it has been compiled with the Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010 compiler. --notopics and --noindex were added as command line parameters, to inhibit loading the topics tree and index list. Vim-like document scrolling key bindings were added. The source code is compatible with wxWidgets 2.9 and compatible with Unicode/MSVC wxMSW builds. Chinese simplified documents display properly. A Windows crash that happened when trying to change fonts was fixed. Loading of search-in-titles results was fixed. The PT translation was updated.

2009-05-26 23:24

现在编译的代码在GCC 4.4。
标签: Minor bugfixes
The code now compiles with GCC 4.4.

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