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X File Explorer (Xfe) is a filemanager for X. It
is based on the popular, but discontinued, X Win
Commander. Xfe is desktop independent and is
written with the C++ Fox Toolkit. It looks similar
to Windows Commander or MS-Explorer, and is very
fast and simple. It features file associations,
the ability to mount/umount devices, a directory
tree for quickly changing directories, the ability
to change file attributes, automatic registry
saving, the ability to view/create/extract
compressed archives, and much more.


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2013-02-10 08:32

此版本改进了程序的整体的外观和感觉。现在可以自定义滚动条颜色,并添加了一个 Clearlooks 的主题。已修复很多 bug 和一些回归。巴西和捷克的翻译进行了更新。
This release improves the overall look and feel of the program.

The scrollbar color can now be customized, and a Clearlooks theme has been added.

Many bugs and some regressions have been fixed.

Brazilian and Czech translations have been updated.

2011-06-06 07:20

This release fixes a memory leak and updates Spanish, Argentinian Spanish, and Czech translations.

2011-03-24 08:06

此版本修复了几个重大的错误和更新德语,巴西葡萄牙语和波兰语翻译。 Xfe现在荣誉对当地垃圾和本地配置路径$ XDG_DATA_HOME和$ XDG_CONFIG_HOME环境变量。
This release fixes several major bugs and updates German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish translations. Xfe now honors the $XDG_DATA_HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variables for local trash and local config paths.

2010-09-21 06:26

This release fixes several minor bugs and updates the Russian and German translations. Bosnian and Chinese (Taiwan) translations have been added.

2009-11-13 06:04

This release fixes several minor bugs and updates Brazilian, Hungarian, and Swedish translations. Support for the ARJ archive format has also been added.

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