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Xpdf is a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files. (These are also sometimes also called 'Acrobat' files, from the name of Adobe's PDF software.) The Xpdf project also includes a PDF text extractor, PDF-to-PostScript converter, and various other utilities. It runs under the X Window System on UNIX, VMS, and OS/2. The non-X components (pdftops, pdftotext, etc.) also run on Win32 systems, and should run on pretty much any system with a decent C++ compiler. Xpdf is designed to be small and efficient. It can use Type 1 and TrueType fonts.


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2011-08-17 19:46

“固定摊位”的文本提取模式的补充。 “pdftops纸匹配”的修改,以处理与不同大小的页面PDF文件,因此它现在将选择匹配的纸张尺寸上页逐页的基础上。 pdftoppm能力写入到stdout。 pdfdetach工具。 256位AES加密实现。 t1lib部分注释掉的配置脚本,因为t1lib有一些潜在的安全漏洞,并且尚未在年内更新。字体配置xpdfrc命令进行了重新设计。牌照的改变,从GPLv2的双V2/V3许可。
The "fixed pitch" text extraction mode was added. "pdftops -paper match" was modified to handle PDF files with different-sized pages, so it will now select the matching paper size on a page-by-page basis. The ability for pdftoppm to write to stdout was added. The pdfdetach tool was added. 256-bit AES decryption was implemented. The t1lib section was commented out in the configure script, since t1lib has some potential security holes, and hasn't been updated in years. The font configuration xpdfrc commands were redesigned. The license was changed from GPLv2 to dual v2/v3 licensing.

2009-10-20 03:35

几个安全漏洞,如CVE报- 2009 - 3603,CVE - 2009 - 3604,CVE - 2009 - 3605,CVE - 2009 - 3606,CVE - 2009 - 3608和CVE - 2009 - 3609,是固定的。
标签: Major security fixes
Several security vulnerabilities, reported as CVE-2009-3603, CVE-2009-3604, CVE-2009-3605, CVE-2009-3606, CVE-2009-3608, and CVE-2009-3609, were fixed.

2009-04-17 21:43

标签: Minor security fixes
This release fixes several security problems related to parsing broken JBIG2 files.

2007-11-07 23:14

此版本修正了以下CVE标识符的安全漏洞:CVE - 2007 - 4352,CVE - 2007 - 5392,和CVE - 2007 - 5393。
标签: Minor security fixes
This release fixes security holes with the following CVE identifiers: CVE-2007-4352, CVE-2007-5392, and CVE-2007-5393.

2007-07-31 23:10

一个安全漏洞(CVE - 2007 - 3387)已得到修复。
标签: Minor security fixes
One security hole (CVE-2007-3387) has been fixed.

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