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XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java that supports many popular features of other Wikis like the Wiki syntax, version control, attachments, security, and searching, but also many advanced features like templates, database and dynamic development using scripting languages (Velocity, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more), an extension system and skinability, J2EE scalability, an XML/RPC remote API, statistics, RSS feeds, PDF exporting, WYSIWYG editing, an Office viewer and importer, and a lot more.


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2013-02-14 07:40

此版本为扩展管理器和分发向导带来改善和稳定。它还添加国际化与 App 内分钟工具,创建的应用程序的能力,并继续改进的新的实验 Solr 搜索集成。这是 XWiki 4.x 周期的最后一个版本。
This version brings improvements and stabilization to the Extension Manager and Distribution Wizards. It also adds the ability to internationalize applications created with the App Within Minutes tool, and continues the improvements of the new experimental Solr search integration. This is the last release of the XWiki 4.x cycle.

2013-02-07 11:14

This is a bugfix and stabilization version.

2013-01-30 05:42

此稳定版本 4.x 周期提高分发向导、 SOLR 搜索和 App 内分钟。
This stabilization release for the 4.x cycle improves the Distribution Wizard,
SOLR Search,
and App Within Minutes.

2013-01-25 06:31

This is a bugfix release.

2013-01-03 08:13

This is a bugfix and stabilization version.

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