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Adds a modern OS X interface for the rogue-like game, Hengband ( ).


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发布: 2020-04-13 03:50
hengbandforosx 1.6.2a (3 files 隐藏)


Uses the source code tagged as 1.6.2 with some changes to add a macOS interface and compile as a 64-bit application. The macOS interface requires 10.8.


The macOS front end is nearly the same as in The changes are:

  • Fixed bug: initialize displayed state of the "big tiles" setting in the menu from the stored value rather than always setting it to true.
  • Configured so the writable game files are put in ~/Documents/Hengband-1.6.2.
  • Encoded the splash screen prompt in EUC-JP.
  • Initialized the effective group ID and, for good measure, the effective user ID, before calling init_angband().
  • Changed types in terminal hook prototypes to match what's in 1.6.2.

The core Hengband code is that tagged 1.6.2 with the following changes:

  • Changed the Macintosh portion of readme_eng.txt to only have instructions for the macOS version.
  • Changed pref-mac.prf so the keycodes sent by the macOS interface are recognized as macro triggers. Map the keycodes sent by the classic interface to the same set of macro triggers so most of the same macros can be used for both.
  • Since the macOS front end uses Angband's versions of the tile sets, conditionally include workarounds for the differences in graf-xxx.prf and graf-new.prf.
  • If the MACH_O_COCOA preprocessor macro is set, skip the contents of main.c, allow both Unix and Mac line endings, and disable both PRIVATE_USER_PATH and SAVEFILE_USE_UID.
  • Included habu's November 18, 2012 change in the master branch to configure fixed-size integer types using stdint.h.
  • Avoided compiler warnings replacing instances offprintf(fd, s) with fputs(s, fd) as had been done in the master branch.
  • Avoided compiler warning about 32-bit integers passed to long integer format specifiers by adding casts, changing the specifier, or changing the type of a local variable. Made similar changes for msg_format() and format().
  • Ported over PHO's February 2020 patch to for a --with-varpath option to configure. Added create_needed_dirs() for creating the writeable directories as necessary. Used create_needed_dirs() rather than the previous local function in main.c.
  • Included deskull's August 12, 2011 change from the master branch for curses compatibility.
  • Changed to update the inventory window after eating a wand or staff from the pack.
  • Only check for out-of-date temporary files if the save file name is not an empty string. Avoids spurious warnings when creating a new character from the Mac OS X front end.
  • Made changes for compatibility with modern versions of autoconf and automake. Those included habu's January 5, 2010 change on the master branch.
  • Included lib/help/faq.txt and bootstrap in the output generated by "make dist".