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Adds a modern OS X interface for the rogue-like game, Hengband ( ).


System requirement is not defined

发布: 2021-09-04 02:18
hengbandforosx (3 files 隐藏)


There's been no change to the save file structure or system requirements from to The executable was compiled on macOS 11.5.1 rather than macOS 10.15.7, but that should not affect compatibility with systems running macOS 10.15 or earlier.


Fix bug that a font, specified in the preferences but no longer available on the system, would cause the application to hang.

Port fix from preliminary 3.0.0 versions so messages from *identify* aren't messed up by reordering the pack.

In the display, round the median advance down, rather than up, for a more compact horizontal layout with some fonts. Change the default window layout to better match the default font settings and to accommodate the smallest native screen size for currently supported Retina Macs (2304 x 1440).

Port relevant changes to English messages and descriptions from preliminary 3.0.0 versions.

Clean up the Mac-specific code a bit for more consistent handling of Booleans, fewer compiler warnings, and to better match up with what's in Angband's version of the Mac front end.

Change the build system to avoid warnings with recent versions of autoconf and to be more consistent with the distclean and uninstall rules.

The executable was compiled on macOS 11.5.1 rather than 10.15.7. If you encounter problems with versions of macOS prior to 11.5.1, please let me know.