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r1252 2022-09-01 04:56:25 jakobthomsen fix missing deleter in if/when next
r1251 2022-08-21 01:18:27 jakobthomsen fix double-free bug for lists
r1250 2022-08-20 09:52:46 jakobthomsen fix bug: clear pointer after object has been deleted to p...
r1249 2022-08-16 05:56:43 jakobthomsen more compiler warnings & copy compiler error messages to ...
r1248 2022-08-16 00:47:52 jakobthomsen fix indent
r1247 2022-08-16 00:46:39 jakobthomsen combine recursion marker and function size into optional ...
r1246 2022-08-14 02:26:38 jakobthomsen remove obsolete explicit size specifications for recursiv...
r1245 2022-08-14 02:24:40 jakobthomsen use automatically computed size of recursive function def...
r1244 2022-08-14 02:21:39 jakobthomsen emit function sizes as global constants
r1243 2022-08-14 02:20:15 jakobthomsen reorder

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